Anna’s Oscar Obsession Takes a Dark Turn in ‘Little Gold Man’ Teaser

Anna would do anything for an Oscar in American Horror Story: Delicate, and from the looks of things in the latest preview, she. might have to give up everything for it. FX has released a preview or “Little Gold Man”, the upcoming eighth episode of American Horror Story‘s twelfth season set to air on Wednesday, April 17th. In the preview, Anna’s Oscars moment gets every closer, but things are growing more and more disturbing both with her pregnancy and in her personal life. You can check out the preview for yourself in the video below.

Here’s the official description for “Little Gold Man”. “The world around Anna is starting to crescendo in every way: her career path continues to skyrocket, while her personal life is more stressful than ever — just in time for Hollywood’s big night.” The episode was written by Halley Feiffer and directed by Jennifer Lynch.

What is American Horror Story: Delicate About?

Based on Danielle Valentine’s novel Delicate Condition, in American Horror Story: Delicate, “After multiple failed attempts at IVF, actress Anna Victoria Alcott wants nothing more than to start a family. As the buzz around her recent film grows, she fears that something may be targeting her — and her pursuit of motherhood.” The season stars Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Denis O’Hare, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Julie White, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Matt Czuchry, Odessa A’zion, and Zachary Quinto, who makes a guest appearance early in the season.

“It is essentially a horror novel about pregnancy,” Valentine previously shared with Entertainment Weekly about her book. “It’s a novel exploring not just the actual physical gruesomeness of what pregnancy is, but also the medical gaslighting that even modern, very privileged women experience as they’re going through their pregnancies and the symptoms that I feel we as a culture still don’t talk about for strange reasons.”

For Valentine, the movie Alien was a major inspiration as she describes the horror film as being about pregnancy.

“[Alien is] really a movie about pregnancy, but it’s been written by a man who doesn’t understand that that’s what he’s writing about … It’s what happens when a guy thinks, ‘What’s the scariest possible thing I can come up with?’ And it’s this idea of, what if you’re growing this creature inside of you and it’s using your resources to get bigger and you can’t control it? It has a mind of its own, and then one day it just bursts out of you in this gruesome, bloody mess. When I first saw it when I was a kid, it didn’t occur to me that that’s basically what pregnancy is, but at six months pregnant, I’m like, ‘Oh, wow! That’s just a pregnancy story without the pregnancy.’ That was the seed right there.”

American Horror Story Has Already Been Renewed for Season 13

While there was a delay in the second half of American Horror Story: Delicate, the series has already been renewed for Season 13. Back in 2020, FX renewed the horror anthology through to Season 13 which means that even with this delay, there is still at least one more season of the series to come.

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 airs Wednesdays on FX.

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