Damning Dwayne Johnson BTS Report Is Bad News For His Forgotten $1.8 Billion Franchise

The Rock from Red Notice

Recent news hasn’t been kind to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the behind-the-scenes report about Red One is even more disappointing in regards to his other forgotten franchise. Red One is an upcoming action/comedy movie set to star The Rock, Chris Evans, and J.K. Simmons in a Christmas-themed adventure. The film seemingly wrapped shooting in early 2023 and finally has a late 2024 release date. While it seems likely that it will still be a box office hit, recent reports about the film and The Rock’s set behavior in general have been problematic.

Red One is set to hit theaters on November 15, 2024.

Many of Dwayne Johnson’s best movies are from the 2010s when The Rock established himself as one of Hollywood’s most charismatic and hard-working stars. However, the 2020s have seen a decline in the actor’s popularity, with a recent report about Red One being his most significant issue yet. The report claims that The Rock was repeatedly late for the film, showing up to eight hours late or sometimes not at all, adding $50 million in costs to the film’s already monstrous budget. For a man who’s built his career around the image of being professional and hard-working, the report is upsetting.

Dwayne Johnson’s Damning Red One Report Is Bad News For Jumanji 4

Most Of The Red One Production Team Is Involved In Jumanji 4

Dwayne Johnson looking to the side in Jumanji Next Level

It’s unknown how much of the Red One report is actually true, but it casts a negative PR image surrounding the film regardless. What’s to be seen is how this behavior will continue to affect his career. Nearly all of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movies are sequels to franchises, from Fast & Furious 11 to Red Notice 2 to Jumanji 4. Johnson uses much of the same production team for a majority of his films, and many of the names mentioned in the Red One report are also part of the Jumanji team, which could pose an issue.

The development of Jumanji 4 seems to have been stuck in a lull for some time, without much information regarding the delay. The previous two films both made nearly $1 billion at the box office, so it’s surprising there hasn’t been any progress on a sequel in nearly five years. It’s unclear what the status of Dwayne Johnson’s relations with the Red One production team is, but if the rumors are true, it could be bad news for Jumanji 4. Either way, if the story continues to develop, it will doubtlessly harm the action star’s reputation going forward.

Jumanji 4 Was Already Looking Doubtful Due To The Main Cast’s Schedules

The Jumanji Cast Have All Remained Busy, Which Could Be Another Reason For The Delay

Karen Gillan as Ruby looking at Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black in Jumanji The Next Level

Regarding Jumanji 4, star Karen Gillan explained, “I’m sure it’s tricky to wrangle everyone’s schedules, but I haven’t heard anything about it other than the fact that we will be doing it at some point” (via THR). The series’ main four stars have all been incredibly busy, with Jack Black and Kevin Hart both set to co-star in 2024’s Borderlands movie. They’ve all been in high-profile films recently, and scheduling conflicts could be another reason for the delay, if not the Red Notice news.

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