Emily Blunt Turned Down The Rock’s WWE WrestleMania Invite

Emily Blunt turned down The Rock’s WrestleMania invite.

At WrestleMania 40, The Rock returned to action for the first time in over a decade to team with Roman Reigns to take on Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. At the end of the main event of night one, it was The Bloodline stars who stood tall, giving Rhodes a mountain to climb on night two.

The Hollywood star getting back in the ring was a huge event in itself, and it’s been revealed he gifted Emily Blunt tickets to the spectacular.

Blunt and The Rock worked together on Jungle Cruise in 2021 and will again join forces on Shatter Machine.

Appearing on Howard Stern, Blunt discussed giving gifts to the crew to celebrate the end of filming, something Rock is now also known for. The A-Lister ran down some of the gifts she’s been given by the Great One including “endless tequila.”

“He’s given me lots of gifts. He and the producers got me this beautiful ring that I love at the end of the press tour. He sends me endless tequila. He sends me a lot of sports gear,”

Stern revealed Rock had given Blunt tickets for WrestleMania XL, but she said she decided to watch the show at home.

“I watched it at home. I did not go watch it live. I wanted to, but I felt….I had never watched him wrestle. My brother was obsessed with WWE growing up. It is one of those surreal moments where I remember that as a kid, walking into our TV room and my brother is mainlining The Rock, and then I’m working with him years later. It’s wild.”

What Were The Rock’s Original WrestleMania Plans?

Meanwhile, it’s been reported there was a pitch for The Rock to win the World Championship at WrestleMania, but it was thrown out.

The idea was that Cody Rhodes would give up his shot at Reigns as part of an injury angle, paving the way for Rock to win the gold. The star would then return to Hollywood as planned, and Reigns would regain the title, before eventually losing to Rhodes.

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