I Can’t Believe How American Horror Story: Delicate Failed Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was American Horror Story: Delicate’s biggest surprise, but the season, especially the finale, completely failed her and Siobhan.

American Horror Story Delicate Kim Kardashian as Siobhan next to Anna with Siobhan

American Horror Story: Delicate has become one of the most disappointing seasons of the show, and it massively failed Kim Kardashian’s character, Siobhan. American Horror Story returned with its 12th season, Delicate, based on Danielle Valentine’s novel Delicate Condition, thus becoming the first season based on existing media. Unfortunately, Delicate continued an unfortunate American Horror Story trend in recent years, being one of the show’s most underwhelming and messy seasons, made a lot worse by a rushed finale that left more questions than the ones it answered.

American Horror Story: Delicate followed Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts), a young actress at the peak of her career who becomes pregnant. Anna soon begins to suspect there’s a conspiracy around her trying to keep her from having the baby and feels those closest to her might be part of it. Anna was accompanied by her publicist and best friend Siobhan, who was key in boosting her career and supported her in her pregnancy, but it was part of a bigger plan, as Siobhan was the leader of a cult that was using Anna. Despite her big role in Delicate, the character of Siobhan was painfully wasted.

Kim Kardashian’s Siobhan Was American Horror Story: Delicate’s Best Character

Kim Kardashian Was American Horror Story: Delicate’s Biggest Surprise

Siobhan Corbyn and Anna Victoria Alcott in black outfits wearing sunglasses in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 ep 6

When Kim Kardashian’s casting in American Horror Story: Delicate was announced, fans of the show were very vocal about their dislike towards this decision, mostly based on Kardashian’s lack of acting experience. Kardashian was, at one point, even believed to be an opening kill in Delicate, but this was debunked when she featured heavily in the teasers and posters for the season. Kardashian became the biggest surprise of American Horror Story: Delicate as well as its secret weapon, and she was able to end the critics’ and viewers’ initial concerns about her role in the series.

Kardashian gave Siobhan the strength and mystery the character required, with the right amount of charm to convince the audience of her spot as Anna’s best friend but also gradually make them wonder if she was truly an ally. As American Horror Story: Delicate progressed, Kardashian shifted her performance from a trusty best friend to a terrifying presence even though her true intentions and role were unclear. Unfortunately, not even Kardashian’s performance was able to save American Horror Story: Delicate, and the finale completely failed Siobhan.

In the second to last episode, Siobhan was revealed as part of the cult, but it wasn’t until the finale that her role as its leader was revealed. However, the finale of American Horror Story: Delicate was shorter, rushed, and messy, and while Siobhan’s intentions with Anna’s pregnancy and her connection to Dex were revealed, her backstory, both before and after joining the cult, wasn’t explored – and to make it worse, Siobhan had one of the most anticlimactic deaths in all of American Horror Story.

Siobhan’s Sudden Demise Is One Of American Horror Story’s Worst Character Deaths

Siobhan’s Death Was Too Easy & Underwhelming

Siobhan surrounded by mysterious haze begins to age in American Horror Story Delicate season 12 ep 9 (FINALE)

Siobhan was intimidating enough to manipulate her cult followers and convince Anna to join the cult, even if the latter was deeply scared. When Siobhan left the room to get the “B12” shots that would serve to initiate Anna into the cult, Dex’s deceased wife, Adelaide, appeared and made Anna chant a prayer to the Greek goddess Hestia, which she continued to chant when Siobhan returned. The chant made Siobhan freeze and she disintegrated in front of Anna, as did the rest of the cult members who were in another room.

Siobhan’s defeat was so easy and out of the blue that it felt disrespectful to the character and Kardashian herself after her amazing performance all season long. Siobhan’s underwhelming death also left many questions, mostly why Adelaide didn’t kill her before if she knew well how the cult worked and was familiar with Hestia. American Horror Story: Delicate is one of the messiest seasons of the show to date, and it failed its best and most surprising asset.

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