Inside Robert Downey Jr’s Confessions: Tony Stark’s Troubled Past Mirrors His Own

Robert Downey Jr played the part of Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, from 2008 to 2019.

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr Once Admitted He Could Relate To Tony Stark A LotIron Man Robert Downey Jr Once Admitted He Could Relate To Tony Stark A Lot

Robert Downey Jr became a household name because of his role as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in the MCU. In the comics and in the movies, especially the first one, we saw the character’s obnoxious side. RDJ, who is notorious for his past and the substance abuse and misconduct, once, in an interview, admitted relating to Tony’s character because of that. Keep scrolling for more.

Downey has come a long way and is a true inspiration for those looking for a second chance or getting one. He got arrested several times and is now an Oscar-winning actor and one of the highest paid in Hollywood. RDJ is a brand, and the MCU plays a significant role in that. The movie came to him when he was sober and trying to earn people’s faith in him after his stormy past. He played the part from 2008 to 2019.

His MCU character, Tony Stark, is similar to what he was before, and the actor admitted that himself. In one of his interviews on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Robert Downey Jr opened up about it and said he was grateful that his misbehavior was in the pre-internet era. He said, “But I think I always had a bit of a moral psychology, and I wanted to kind of do the right thing, which doesn’t count for much.”

Robert Downey Jr explained, “Whenever you get handed a true period of humiliation, I think… I’ll speak from own experience with other people – I give them credit for dusting themselves off.”

The Oppenheimer star continued, “It’s a very American thing to build up and break down and come back. It is, in its own way, the hero’s journey.” The Iron Man star added, “I could relate to Tony Stark a lot by the time I played him, a guy who really needed to be handed a dose of ‘ouch.’”

Robert Downey Jr recently, in an interview, revealed that the role of Iron Man is an integral part of his DNA. Speaking to Esquire, he said, “That role chose me.” He also declared that he would happily return to play Tony Stark.

On the professional front, Robert Downey Jr currently appears in multiple roles in The Sympathizer.

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