Dominic Burgess Discusses Shooting Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story S*x Scene

‘Feud’ alum Dominic Burgess had no idea what to expect heading into a sex scene with Kim Kardashian for the latest episode of ‘American Horror Story: Delicate,’ but came out of it with a lot of respect for the reality star.

The twist is full on with the return of American Horror Story: Delicate, with the latest episode it’s most disturbing — and sexy — yet. In a new interview, Feud alum Dominic Burgess opened up about his bedroom scene with Kim Kardashian.

The reality star perhaps took on her most prominent role yet as an actress when she signed on as a lead for this latest iteration of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s horror anthology for FX. Her character has been enigmatic and mysterious with a hint of danger thus far.

After a strike-induced hiatus, the series returned this past week with Burgess portraying a director, Hamish, who would probably be a failure due to his own incompetence were it not for the PR magic — more literal than he knows — of his relationship with Kardashian’s Siobhan Corbyn.

That magical relationship between Siobhan and Emma Roberts’ Anna Alcott is at the heart of the series, so think of this as an aside to offer more of what Siobhan is all about … and it’s not lookin good for Anna. Hamish’s story came to its inevitable end in this latest episode, but he’ll always have episode four’s bedroom tryst with Siobhan.

While the season has had plenty of darkness, there was also intimacy, with Burgess admitting to Variety he was a little nervous about approaching such a scene with Kardashian. While he said he’s never seen any of her shows, the Brit knows how big of a name she is.

I was nervous and body-conscious, and to find out my first sex scene is going to be with an icon known for their beauty was a lot

“Someone in her position could just go to their trailer and just come out when needed, but she was so present,” Burgess said of the Hulu star. “She was asking questions, sharing ideas and being really open and engaging.”

He also said she was very friendly and engaging during their full afternoon bedroom shoot. “She was really friendly, He said. “We talked about travel and Broadway shows and Shania Twain!”

What he also appreciated was how gentle she was, as this was his first on-camera sex scene. In fact, it was Kardashian who helped ease his anxiety about disrobing in front of the cameras — and having to share the scene with arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world.

“I was nervous and body-conscious, and to find out my first sex scene is going to be with an icon known for their beauty was a lot,” he admitted. “But there was a great intimacy coordinator who asked what we felt comfortable with, and the director was John J. Gray, who I worked with on ‘Feud’ — and Kim was wonderful. It ended up being a really pleasant experience.”

That pleasantness ended in a hard way for Hamish in the latest episode when he threatened to go public with some of their dark secrets. Let’s just say, Hamish’s chapter came to a grisly end and those secrets stay just that — secrets.

As for Anna and her husband Dex (Matt Czuchry), things are going from worse to worse — let’s just say Hamish isn’t the only casualty — as AHS enters its final chapters. This is usually when things stop making sense and get crazier and crazier, and that looks like it’s happening here as well. As Anna’s star rises, everything else is falling apart!

There are three more episodes left as American Horror Story: Delicate lurches toward its conclusion Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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