Kim Kardashian’s Character Locks Lips with Emma Roberts’ Anna in American Horror Story: This Is What Happens

Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts star as lead characters in the horror anthology American Horror Story: Delicate. Roberts is an acclaimed actress, while Kardashian plays her secretary.

Kim Kardashian's Character Kisses Emma Roberts' Anna On-Screen In American Horror Story

American media personality Kim Kardashian and actress Emma Roberts shared a kiss onscreen on Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: Delicate, which features both of them in the lead roles.

American Horror Story: Delicate, the twelfth season of the horror anthology series American Horror Story, features Emma Roberts as the lead character, Anna Victoria Alcottan, an actress who believes that some outside forces are stopping her from becoming pregnant. Kardashian, on the other hand, is seen as Siobhan Corbyn, Anne’s publicist who hides secrets of her own.

In the episode Little Gold Man, Siobhan is busy with marketing and promotional events to earn Anna an Oscar nomination. The efforts are fruitful, and the actress gets an Academy Award nod.

Anna, who is now pregnant, does not stop feeling strange things around her, with a constant sense of danger that might harm her child. She also senses something wrong with her partner, Dex, who is later revealed to be cheating on her throughout her pregnancy.

Emma Roberts on sharing a kiss with Kim Kardashian:

The scene is set at the Oscar Awards Show, as Anna and Siobhan arrive at the ceremony. Anna suffers from painful contractions on the red carpet and mid-ceremony as well, but Siobhan encourages her to stay until her category is announced, gently placing her hand on her baby bump.

Anna is announced the winner, and the two share a flirty moment before leaning in for a kiss. “Go get that hardware, baby,” Siobhan announces. Anna goes on stage to collect her award, but her water breaks while addressing the crowd, after which she gets off the stage, and the episode ends.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show, which stars Jimmy Fallon, Emma Roberts divulged the behind-the-scenes details of the kiss with her fellow star. She initially remained indifferent to this on-screen interaction, but her sister was the one to hype the situation. “It’s kind of like another day at the office. But my sister was like, ‘No, it’s not. You kissed Kim Kardashian and didn’t tell me.’”

She further said that while the kiss appeared passionate on screen, the two constantly laughed off-screen. Roberts noted that the kiss was sloppy. “I just had her (lip) gloss all over my face,” she said. “And so, we had to do major cleanup in between every take ‘cause she has the most perfect glossed lips, obviously, and it was everywhere.”

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