10 Most Exciting Things To Expect From American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 is set to resolve and conclude the story of Anna Victoria Alcott and her pregnancy, with some exciting reveals.

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 is set to conclude the ominous series after more than half a year on hiatus, and there is plenty still to be revealed. AHS is a popular horror anthology series by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. Each season centers on a different theme, with the latest, season 12, focusing on a horror story about a Hollywood star becoming pregnant while simultaneously being stalked, and campaigning for an Oscar win. Season 12 stars Emma Roberts as Anna Victoria Alcott, Matt Czuchry as her husband Dex, and Kim Kardashian as the ruthless PR manager, Siobhan Corbyn.

In addition to the main cast, there are several mysterious figures whose identities appear somewhat elusive. Julie White plays Ms. Preecher, Cara Delevingne plays a mystery stalker who said her name was Ivy, and Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman play the mysterious women in black who were also referred to as the Ashley’s. With the long break, and only four episodes of the season remaining, the show has a lot to explore in the second half of the season, with some terrible and exciting events expected to take place.


10Who Is Ms. Preecher

Stalker Or Secret Ally

Preecher in American Horror Story Delicate

Ms. Preecher has appeared throughout Delicate Part 1, but very little is known about her character. At first, she appeared to be stalking Anna and trying to torment her, but with more appearances, she may actually be trying to protect her. Anna is desperate to have a child and has been undergoing IVF to hopefully succeed in getting pregnant, but everyone in Anna’s close circle appears untrustworthy, and Anna is unreliable due to lapses in memory and blackouts. Ms. Preecher may be one of the few people on her side with answers.

They Have Yet To Make A Significant AppearanceEmma Roberts with a Spider

Spiders feature heavily in the marketing materials for AHS: Delicate, but aside from some small references in episode 1, with Anna pulling a long strand of what could have been a spider web from her hair, and a literal spider appearing, the season hasn’t done much else to reference them. The child growing inside of Anna is unlikely to be a spider, as flashbacks revealed other women giving birth to children in seemingly similar circumstances to her, and while their children haven’t been explicitly revealed, a human baby hand with long black claws was shown.

8Is Adeline Really Dead

Or Is Sonia Just Pretending

Adeline in American Horror Story Delicate

Dex was married before starting a relationship with Anna, but his first wife, Adeline, died in circumstances that have yet to be revealed. In an odd twist, a woman who is identical to Dex’s deceased wife, aside from a new haircut, is taken on as one of Dex’s clients. There is uncertainty around the identity of this woman and whether it is in fact Dex’s wife, who pretended to die and has returned with a new identity, or whether there is some other mysterious connection. Either way, this question will need to be answered in Delicate Part 2.

7Anna Is Being Drugged

What Happens When Anna Blacks Out And Loses Time

Emma Roberts Upside Down on an Exam Table in American Horror Story Delicate

One of the most intense moments of Delicate Part 1 came with Anna being strapped into a chair by two women in black, before being injected with something, and waking up in bed to find her baby moving in her stomach after she thought she had lost the child. Anna has been given different mystery drugs by the doctors, her partner, and Siobhan. It is almost certain that these are related to Anna losing time, from hours to entire weeks. But with so much time missing, the show needs to explain what’s happening to her when she is losing time.

6How Ashley And Ashleigh Stay Young

They Appear To Be Practicing Some Occult Rituals

Billie Lourd Kim Kardashian and Leslie Grossman in American Horror Story Delicate

The women in black were shown in multiple time periods, with hundreds of years in between, to be the same women who identify themselves as Ashley and Ashleigh, a pair of disaster PR managers. Evidently, it appears that the women have not aged since at least the 1500s. They clearly have some greater knowledge about the children who are exchanged to give women something that they deeply desire, but what these children are used for, or how involved the Ashley’s are, has yet to be explained.

5Is Cara Delevingne’s Mystery Woman Involved

Who’s Side Is Nurse Ivy On
Cara Delevigne in American Horror Story Delicate

Cara Delevingne has also appeared in each episode of AHS: Delicate, but her true identity remains a mystery. She is first seen early in episode 1, staring into a fallen bird’s nest where the infant birds are no longer living, and then returns in each subsequent episode to watch Anna. Her most involved scene in Part 1, comes when she presents herself as nurse Ivy in a hospital giving Anna an ultrasound before tragedy strikes. It’s unclear what Cara’s character is up to, and who she is linked to, but she is likely to be working with the women in black.

4Anna Winning The Oscar

After The Competition Has Been Wiped Out

Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story Delicate Episode 2

Anna has been campaigning for an Oscar throughout Part 1, with the help of her PR manager, Siobhan. Her main competition appeared to be a young rising star, Babette Eno (Taylor Richardson), but episode 5 saw Anna admit her desire to win the Oscar matches her desire to have a child. Shortly after, it’s revealed that Babette was killed in a tragic accident, clearing a path for Anna to sweep the Oscar win. This could also be the exchange that leads to Anna giving up her child, as the previous woman in the show did.

3How Anna Victoria Alcott Was Chosen

It Could Be Through The Bloodline

Women in black with Emma Roberts in American Horror Story season 12

The show revealed that multiple other women in history underwent a similar mysterious pregnancy and encounter with the women in black as Anna is going through. This could be something that is passed down through generations, either on Anna’s side, with her middle name, Victoria, possibly referencing her ancestor of the same name, or through her husband, Dex. Dex’s mother appears to have hard feelings towards his father after years of manipulation, which could be tied to what is happening to Anna now.

2Dex May Know More Than He Says

Following In The Footsteps Of His FatherDex from American Horror Story Delicate

Dex, full name Dexter Harding Jr., could be involved in the terrifying events happening to his wife Anna. Dex appears to be hiding secrets about his late wife, and his new client Sonia. In addition, in the first episode, when Dr. Andrew Hill (Denis O’Hare) delivers the good news that the couple is pregnant, he speaks directly to Dex about how good the news is. Anna picks up on the odd exchange and questions it, but she’s ignored. Dex also appears to know things that were said while he wasn’t present, but with Anna’s memory lapses, he easily excuses this.

1The Women Chosen Throughout History

What Happened To Them And Their Babies

Witch Coven in American Horror Story Delicate

Other women were offered some sort of deal to exchange their children, and the children that were born came out as something not human. However, what happened to these women has yet to be revealed. With Victoria, her deal was to have a long and powerful reign, and if the show’s history aligns with reality, that happened as she became the longest-reigning monarch, until Queen Elizabeth II exceeded her record. But where the kids were taken and what happened to the other women after the deal took place remains to be seen in American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2.

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