6 REASONS Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear just to make each other miserable

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once caused a stir and were considered the “golden couple” in Hollywood. But their divorce was even more noisy and promiscuous. Why does a love story turn into a nightmare?

There was a time when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the most talked about “golden couple” in the news flow of Hollywood stars. But in recent years, information surrounding their divorce process has made the media and the public talk about more than the process of the two sides sticking together.

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Jolie and Pitt when they were still together (Photo: Daily Mail).

The litigation between the two parties that has lasted for many years, due to disagreements over child custody and how to handle common property, has become a persistent and tiring story in the eyes of the media and the public. . It all started with a chaotic flight carrying the Jolie – Pitt family from France back to the US in September 2016.

Most recently, Angelina Jolie caused shock when she provided more information to court, that she had been abused by her ex-husband before September 2016. She only decided to end her marriage with Brad Pitt when she saw him being violent towards his children on the “stormy flight”.

While the legal battle between Pitt and Jolie still shows no signs of stopping, let’s review the reasons from the beginning to the end of this relationship, to see that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to appear together. appear in each other’s lives just to… make each other suffer.

Jolie and Pitt met on set when Pitt was still married

The relationship between Jolie and Pitt had a controversial start. They met on the set of Mr. &Mrs. Smith (Mr. and Mrs. Smith – 2005). At this time, Pitt is still a married man, he is married to actress Jennifer Aniston.

Although Jolie and Pitt always denied that they had developed feelings on set, suspicions about a love triangle will continue to cause discussion forever. Speculation and discussion always cast a shadow over the years of Jolie and Pitt’s relationship.

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Jolie and Pitt in the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (Photo: Daily Mail).

In 2006, Jolie shared in an interview with Vogue magazine that she and Pitt did not realize that they had anything special in their relationship with each other, throughout their filming of Mr. &Mrs. Smith.

But in an interview with the New York Times in 2008, Jolie shared that for her children, Mr. &Mrs. Smith is “the movie that makes parents fall in love”.

In fact, some anonymous sources said that on the set of Mr. &Mrs. Smith, Jolie proactively met with Pitt during breaks. She often brings her adopted son Maddox to the set and takes him to meet Pitt, then says that Maddox wants to say hello to Pitt. Such meetings always make Pitt feel very happy.

In January 2005, Pitt and Aniston officially announced their separation. They completed divorce proceedings in October 2005. Although Pitt and Aniston once issued a joint statement denying that their divorce was due to a “third person” interfering, the story about the “third person” will forever haunt Pitt and Jolie forever.

Jolie and Pitt have a very unusual family life, placing too much emphasis on their children’s freedom

Non-traditional family life is something that has long been known during the process of Pitt and Jolie building their family together. For example, in an interview with W magazine, Jolie revealed that she took her son Maddox to buy knives at the age of 7, because Maddox suddenly had a hobby… playing with knives.

6 lý do cho thấy Brad Pitt và Angelina Jolie xuất hiện chỉ để làm khổ nhau - 3

Jolie and Pitt with their children many years ago (Photo: Daily Mail).

Jolie shared that her biological mother also took her knife shopping when she was 11-12 years old, so she decided to do the same for Maddox when her adopted son developed a strange hobby. Jolie has allowed Maddox to own a knife collection since childhood, which are knives without sharp edges.

According to some sources, in Jolie and Pitt’s family, when the two were still together, the children’s freedom was always emphasized. Children are the ones who lead the whole family’s activities. Pitt and Jolie do not impose much discipline on their children.

The family life of the Jolie – Pitt family used to be quite chaotic, mainly because their children were allowed to “be themselves”. For example, when he was a child, there was a time when Maddox only liked to speak French, while the rest of the family members were not fluent in French.

There was a time when Shiloh wanted to be treated as a boy and would only respond if people called her John. This was once revealed by Brad Pitt himself. An anonymous babysitter who used to work for the Jolie – Pitt family further revealed that the children in this family do not have to follow the usual routine.

Meal menus are always made according to the child’s wishes and often revolve around snacks and fast food. The number of babysitters in the Jolie – Pitt family used to fluctuate between 6-9 people. Each babysitter is responsible for one child, with some carrying out a number of common tasks for all six children.

Changes will be made periodically every 6 months, to ensure no child becomes too attached to any babysitter. When Shiloh and Zahara were little, the two girls often liked to hug their blankets when going out. Pax Thien once liked to hug a large teddy bear to cover his face. All the strange behavior of their children is accepted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Jolie and Pitt both had psychological burdens before entering marriage

Jolie decided to become a single mother in 2002. While filming Tomb Raider (2001) in Cambodia, Jolie had a desire to adopt a child. Previously, Jolie decided to end her second marriage with actor Billy Bob Thornton.

When speculation arose surrounding the cause of Brad Pitt’s failed marriage with his first wife – actress Jennifer Aniston – Jolie continuously appeared with her adopted son Maddox. She shows herself as a single mother who is fulfilled in life.

6 lý do cho thấy Brad Pitt và Angelina Jolie xuất hiện chỉ để làm khổ nhau - 4

Jolie and Pitt were once the “golden couple” in Hollywood (Photo: Daily Mail).

Meanwhile, Jolie’s biological father – actor Jon Voight – did not feel confident in his daughter’s decision to become a single mother. Although the relationship between father and daughter at that time was very cold, Mr. Voight still advised his daughter to receive psychological treatment. He commented frankly: “I have never seen my daughter normal.”

Jolie is the daughter of two Hollywood actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. A year after Jolie was born, her parents broke up. Jolie and her brother were raised by their mother. The relationship between Jolie and her biological father has been quite cold for many years.

Witnessing her mother’s long suffering because she was betrayed by her ex-husband, as well as her biological mother often having disagreements with her ex-husband on financial support to raise their children together, Jolie once found it very difficult to welcome her. accept biological father.

In Hollywood, Jolie soon became known as a rebellious personality. When she was 14 years old, Jolie invited her 16-year-old boyfriend to move into her house. At this age, Jolie also began using stimulants. These things were shared by Jolie herself when talking about her rebellious years.

Thus, when they first got together, both Pitt and Jolie had gone through a broken marriage. They had to face the suspicion of having an extramarital affair, when Pitt was a married man. As for Jolie, she also had an unstable growth journey and was once considered a rebellious personality in Hollywood. Both Pitt and Jolie had “psychological burdens” before getting together.

Jolie and Pitt slept separately, Pitt turned to alcohol to relax

Both Jolie and Pitt have irregular working hours. When both of them are not busy with film projects, the whole family will go to many places around the world. Go somewhere that the whole family feels like, they will stay longer. There were periods when the Jolie – Pitt family considered the hotel their home.

The life of the Jolie – Pitt family was so strange that at one point, they rented a hotel room in Los Angeles even though they had their own home in Hollywood.

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Pitt has been addicted to alcohol since he was living with Jolie (Photo: Daily Mail).

In fact, the fact that family life often attracts the attention of the media and the public also causes psychological difficulties for those involved. Pitt often feels uncomfortable, he turns to alcohol to relax. Because of his habit of regularly using alcohol, over the years, Pitt gradually fell into alcoholism.

From the Jolie – Pitt family’s habit of renting hotel rooms, there has long been information that the two stars often sleep separately, because when they stay at hotels, they often stay in two different rooms. This rumor started appearing in 2010.

In the years before their separation, Jolie and Pitt still showed that they were a happy couple. But from their stay at the hotels, rumors arose that the relationship between Jolie and Pitt was not as sweet as they made it out to be. The two often live in separate rooms, pursue their own work and do not spend much time together.

Jolie’s brother used to annoy Pitt

6 lý do cho thấy Brad Pitt và Angelina Jolie xuất hiện chỉ để làm khổ nhau - 6

Jolie with her brother many years ago (Photo: Daily Mail).

When Jolie and Pitt’s marriage was crumbling and was in the final stages before the official decision to separate was made, Jolie’s brother – James Haven – often appeared, was there to care for and take care of the children. grandchildren.

According to some anonymous sources, James Haven’s frequent appearance in Jolie and Pitt’s house has increased tension between the two and cannot be resolved. The more Jolie Pitt children became attached to their uncle, the more uncomfortable Pitt felt.

Jolie and Pitt’s legal battle is gradually coming to an end, but tensions have not cooled down

After leaving the marriage, Jolie and Pitt disagreed over the custody agreement and how to handle common property, specifically a villa with a vineyard in France. The custody battle will soon end when all six of Jolie and Pitt’s children have entered adulthood.

Currently, some sources say that Brad Pitt wants to give up custody of his children soon, because many years have passed and he no longer finds it important to gain custody of his children.

6 lý do cho thấy Brad Pitt và Angelina Jolie xuất hiện chỉ để làm khổ nhau - 7

Jolie and Pitt have been pursuing litigation together since 2016 (Photo: Daily Mail).

Meanwhile, disagreements surrounding a villa with a vineyard in France are still forcing the two sides to meet in court. In 2016, Jolie and Pitt announced their separation. The legal battle between them also started from there.

What is certain is that disputes that reach the point of having to go to court will eventually end. But currently, in the process of pursuing litigation, Jolie and Pitt are still creating a war of words that shocks the media and the public. Most recently, Jolie gave more information to court about her being abused by her ex-husband before the “stormy flight” in September 2016.

This is Jolie’s latest blow to Pitt’s image before the media and the public. In fact, since entering the litigation process after the breakup, both Jolie and Pitt have had their images severely affected.

Although Jolie and Pitt’s legal battle will eventually come to an end, tensions between them have not cooled down and both sides continue to attack each other’s names and images. Marriage has stopped, but the consequences that two people cause to each other still show no signs of stopping.

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