AI Imagines Leonardo DiCaprio As Marvel & DC Characters

Artificial intelligence makes a compelling case for Leonardo DiCaprio joining either the DC Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One of the most prolific movie stars to ever exist, DiCaprio has spent his career shying away from large-scale, franchise fare. DiCaprio’s highest-grossing movie might even surprise fans, as the actor has so many box office hits under his belt despite not joining the prolific comic book genre. With so many of his peers and contemporaries hopping on the superhero bandwagon, maybe the “Departed” actor should too.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Iron Man, and Captain America

Instagram user and artist @esheffects has created a compelling series of images that transport DiCaprio to two of the most prolific comic book universes of all time. In the images, DiCaprio is seen stepping into the shoes of DC heavyweights like Green Lantern and the villain Deathstroke. The “Don’t Look Up” actor particularly stands out as the franchise’s Batman. Based on his filmography and his personal life, it’s fair to assume that DiCaprio would kill it as the playboy Bruce Wayne. While he’d definitely have to take drastic measures like Robert Pattinson did to get in shape for Batman, DiCaprio would be a menacing presence as the Caped Crusader.
Another playboy-ish, brash character that DiCaprio would excel at is Marvel’s Iron Man. With films like “Titanic,” DiCaprio has proven himself a confident, suave, and witty performer who isn’t averse to doing stunts. While he’d have to study up on how to talk smack, the actor would make a fascinating Tony Stark and would fit right into the MCU. And seeing as he already has that all-American charm, DiCaprio would make a solid Captain America.

Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Care For Superhero Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio as Iron Man© @esheffects / Instagram

Overall, these concept images featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Marvel and DC heroes are both inspiring and infuriating. While DiCaprio has continued to stay in his own lane and focus on working with auteurs, it’s disappointing that the prolific actor has never dabbled in elevated genre fare. One of the best images from creator @esheffects is the visual of the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor stepping into the shoes of Marvel’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

The performer was offered the opportunity to play the titular web-head in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, but that’s just one of the many huge roles that DiCaprio has turned down. The Spider-Man gig would eventually go to his good friend Tobey Maguire. DiCaprio even shot down the idea of playing Robin in “Batman Forever,” showing that he’s been an anti-superhero actor since the ’90s. While it’s unclear why DiCaprio has no interest in Marvel or DC projects, the actor has made it a point to warn the next generation of actors to avoid these projects. Timothée Chalamet, one of the most pronounced actors working today, once revealed that DiCaprio told him to avoid superhero fare.

While he’s been ignoring the genre his entire career, DiCaprio would definitely excel at playing Spider-Man or Batman. The actor may be too old to play Spider-Man right now, but DiCaprio could be a compelling Caped Crusader for Andy Muschietti’s “Brave and the Bold” flick, which features an older Batman.

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