Alan Ritchson says he went into ‘Reacher’ mode to stop a car robbery in Canada

Alan Ritchson may be known for getting in and out of dangerous situations as the titular character in the action series “Reacher,” streaming on Prime Video. But what about when action needs to be taken in real life?

According to a recent interview, that’s not a problem.

Alan Ritchson Went 'Instant Reacher' During Real Car Robbery

In an video posted on TikTok Friday by the Canadian entertainment news program Etalk, Ritchson, 41, said he was walking to dinner on a date with his wife in Montreal, Canada when they saw someone breaking into a car.

Ignoring the plea from his wife Catherine Ritchson to not get involved, Ritchson said he went into “instant ‘Reacher’ mode,” and chased the person for four blocks until he “tossed him into a building and the cops came.”

His wife was not pleased for his heroics, Ritchson said, adding that “she was very mad at me.”

Ritchson stars as Jack Reacher in Prime Video’s “Reacher” as a veteran military police investigator who becomes embroiled in a series of conspiracies and investigations. The show is based on Lee Child’s best-selling book series of the same name.

The second season of the show premiered in December 2023, with the final three episodes airing in January.

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