Alexandra Daddario Stretching In Swimsuit Is ‘A Gift To Mankind’

Alexandra Daddario dropped jaws in her white swimsuit in this photo, one reposted to an Instagram fan feed dedicated to the 38-year-old actress. In April, the fan responsible for the account shared a shot from Alexandra’s 2017 GQ Mexico shoot, one bringing a slew of skimpy swimwear looks and seeing the Baywatchstar reminding everyone why she was cast in the 2017 movie. Sizzling in a busty bathing suit that highlighted her killer curves, Alexandra stretched her arms up while outdoors, stopping everyone in their tracks and landing herself tons of flattering compliments. In fact, one fan even dubbed The White Lotus star a “gift to mankind.”

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Stunning In Swimsuit Stretch

Scroll for the photo. The above one also comes from the 2017 shoot.  Shot backed by ocean waters, palms, and likely as the sun was setting, Alexandra wowed in a low-cut, black zip swimsuit in skintight white fabrics. With the bathing suit clinging to her every curve, the Dior ambassador showed off her eye-popping cleavage and curvy hips, also reminding fans of the muscle she carries.

Stretching her arms up above her and elongating her torso as a result, Daddario showed a slight thigh gap as sunlight poured over parts of her body, wearing her dark locks down and mesmerizing fans with her icy-blue eyes.

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Wearing discreet earrings and smokey eyeliner that brought out those famous peepers, Daddario sent the camera a direct gaze, keeping her expression neutral but exuding confidence as she knocked the lens dead.

“Beautiful,” one fan replied, with another remarking on the star’s “great body.”

“God’s gift to mankind,” a third wrote. Alexandra is no stranger to compliments, generally receiving them in every one of her Instagram posts. The star is followed by 23.7 million on the platform.

Twinning In Bikini With Her Sister

May 2022 marked Alexandra and sister Catherine Daddario stunning in their mint green swimsuits as they enjoyed a lake day. Rocking a plunging bikini in green and white as she flaunted her sensational figure and even enjoyed a paddleboard session, Alexandra twinned with her sibling, who opted for the same prints in a one-piece. The post came promoting Aerie, just one of the brands Daddario is signed to.

“I believe in being comfortable in our own skin, not putting pressure on ourselves or the way that we look and accepting ourselves as we are,” Alexandra revealed that summer. “I think it’s so wonderful that Aerie is a brand that doesn’t photoshop their models, and they promote just being yourself and being confident and comfortable in your own skin.”

Being ‘Easy’ On Herself

Continuing, the A-lister added: “I believe in that in everything — even exercise and what you eat — being easy on yourself and going with how you feel. I think that’s a really important message to send people.”

Fans know that Alexandra loves yoga and the great outdoors, plus healthy eating and the occasional cheat burger.

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