Amber Heard Celebrates 38th Birthday on 8-Year P:o:op Anniversary with Johnny

Amber Heard turned 38 this week — and to ring in the momentous occasion, she’s knocking back champagne … this 8 years after she allegedly crapped in Johnny Depp’s bed.

The actress posted on IG Tuesday — a day after she hit the big 3-8 Monday — and it was a simple shot of herself looking gorgeous and sipping on some bubbly. Her caption was telling as well, with AH simply writing … “Champagne kind of birthday.”

Amber Heard sub

It also looks like Amber is in some kind of wine cellar here, ’cause she’s surrounded by a ton of bottles on both sides — which is also interesting considering her history with JD.

Fact is … it was 8 years ago to the day that her then-husband Johnny got a call from his maid, who informed him that feces had been found in his bed at his Downtown L.A. loft — which he ultimately decided had actually been left behind by Amber herself.

It was a whole saga at the time … Johnny said he felt Amber had done this after she got mad at him for bailing on her birthday party at the time — only to go to Coachella the next day and leave him with a “surprise” as payback. That was his POV, anyway.

Amber, for her part, denied she’d left poo in the bed … insisting it must’ve been done by their dogs — even though JD scoffed at that, saying it was far too big for such small pooches.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Together

A lot has happened since that trial … let alone since the alleged bed-doo-doo incident. Amber has since moved to Europe and is living a relatively quiet life with her young daughter. Johnny, meanwhile, has been working on music and movies … with middling success.

Amber Heard Through the Years

Fact is, Johnny hasn’t quite had the mainstream Hollywood comeback he was maybe hoping for — and Amber hasn’t really done a whole lot either in the aftermath of the trial.

8 years later … they’ll always have scat.

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