Aubrey O’Day Alleges Diddy Tried To Buy Her Silence In Exchange For Publishing Rights

Aubrey O’Day is speaking out against Diddy again, claiming he tried to buy her silence and that of other former Bad Boy artists. The former Danity Kane singer revealed that Diddy’s act of returning old artists’ publishing rights was actually him trying to muzzle them through the attached NDA.

O’Day previously spoke about Diddy’s home raids, saying it was about time. She also shared her willingness to testify against him in a potential trial. Diddy is currently under investigation for sex trafficking, sexual assault, and the solicitation and distribution of illegal narcotics and firearms.

Aubrey O’Day Claims Diddy Tried To Silence Her By Offering Her Publishing Rights

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O’Day opened up to TMZ about the ongoing investigation against Diddy as part of the magazine’s documentary, “The Downfall of Diddy.”

The documentary explores the aftermath of the recent raids on the rapper’s homes and subsequent federal investigation against him and several people in his inner circle.

During her interview with Diddy, O’Day claimed that Diddy tried to buy her silence and that of other former Bad Boy artists by returning their publishing rights last year. The former “Danity Kane” singer was previously signed to Bad Boy Records in the 2000s and was dropped from the group after clashing with Diddy.

O’Day said she knew something was up when Diddy returned the music rights to their former artists. She claimed that the act came with strings attached, their silence and that the rapper probably had a hint about the lawsuits and upcoming investigation and was silencing as many people as possible ahead.

The Rapper Allegedly Tried To Force NDAs On The Artists

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During the interview, O’Day said Diddy wanted his former artists to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements as part of the publishing rights return deal. This would effectively prevent them from ever talking about their time and experiences at Bed Boy Records, his record label.

However, O’Day said she refused to sign because she didn’t want her ability to speak to be muzzled. The singer said that the ability to speak is now extremely valuable to her amid his allegations and investigation, starting with the lawsuit from another former Bad Boy member and his ex, Cassie.

O’Day also shared that the dollar value of the publishing rights he offered back was worth very little. She explained that she doesn’t need his money because she’s currently making a ton on her own. The former singer is operating multiple ventures, including a lucrative OnlyFans account.

Aubrey O’Day Previously Reacted To Diddy’s Home Raids

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O’Day previously commented on Diddy’s issues after federal agents recently raided his properties and carted away many boxes.

She posted a lengthy message on her Instagram Story, which read, “What you sow, you shall reap. I pray this emboldens all of US victims to finally speak on what we have endured. There is no ‘too soon’ on this one, just ‘too late.'”

In another post on her Instagram Story, O’Day shared that she’d be very willing to testify against Diddy in any potential trial that comes up against the producer. She wrote, “All of US (as in me too) are emboldened to come forward and speak on what we have endured.”

Diddy Is Being Investigated For Sex Trafficking And More Offenses

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A source close to Diddy’s investigation recently confirmed to NBC News that the raids on his houses are likely tied to a federal investigation against the rapper.

He has been accused of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and the solicitation and distribution of illegal narcotics and firearms.

The allegations came up after Diddy was the subject of three sexual assault lawsuits last year, starting with that of ex-girlfriend Cassie.

According to the source, the investigation has already conducted three interviews with men and women related to the accusations and case.

Diddy’s Lawyer Calls The Raids A ‘Witch Hunt’

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Combs himself released a statement to E! News through this lawyer, Aaron Dyer.

He said, “There was a gross overuse of military-level force as search warrants were executed at Mr. Combs’ residences. There is no excuse for the excessive show of force and hostility exhibited by authorities or the way his children and employees were treated.”

Dyer also shared that Diddy cooperated fully with the authorities in the “unprecedented ambush.” He claimed that the whole raid was just a “witch hunt based on meritless accusations made in civil lawsuits.”

He added, “There has been no finding of criminal or civil liability with any of these allegations. Mr. Combs is innocent and will continue to fight every single day to clear his name.”

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