Baby Reindeer actor reveals ‘struggles’ with fame and fans’ demands as he stars in The Responder

Josh Finan has become one of the most in-demand actors in the UK, after his breakouts role as Marco in The Responder and Diggsy in Netflix’s smash hit Baby Reindeer.

This has been an extraordinary year for Josh Finan. The actor from Merseyside became a household name with his role as Marco in the first season of The Responder, alongside Martin Freeman.

His portrayal brought depth and humour to the character, making audiences empathise with him, despite his descent into a series of poor choices on the fringes of legality.

Following his initial success, Josh has continued to shine, featuring in two major series this year – Netflix’s The Gentleman and Baby Reindeer, where he played pub worker Diggsy.

But it was his role as Marco that put him on the map, and he’s thrilled to return to the part for the second season of the acclaimed BBC drama, continuing on Sunday, 12 May on BBC One.

Yet Josh has also revealed his ‘struggles’ with fame as well as the demands placed on him by fans, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Josh Finan plays Marco in The Responder

Josh Finan plays Marco in The Responder (Image: Dancing Ledge, Luke Varley)

Marco has made a series of poor choices on the fringes of legality

Marco has made a series of poor choices on the fringes of legality

The young actor is embracing his rising celebrity status with good humour, but says his mum is finding the sudden surge in attention a bit overwhelming.

He explains: “When it came out, my mum was like, ‘I can’t keep up with the admin. Everybody’s texting every hour of the day with this. I haven’t even got time to watch the show. I’ve still got to reply to Jean from the gym’. ”

He adds: “[My family] love it and they’re so proud.”

Marco’s compelling narrative has captured the audience’s hearts, even leading to a demand from fans for a spin-off that delves into his and Casey’s adventures.

And Josh can’t go unnoticed in his hometown in Merseyside anymore. He shared: “The first week it came out I was back home and every time I was in a queue or stood still people would be like ‘are you Marco’ which is quite fun.”

Donny and Martha in Netflix's Baby Reindeer

Donny and Martha in Netflix’s Baby Reindeer (Image: Ed Miller/Netflix)
Originally from the Wirral, Josh finds it particularly meaningful to be part of a project filmed in his local area. He expressed his joy, saying: “It’s very special to do an acting job anyway but, for my first thing with a bit of a platform, I couldn’t have asked for anything better than The Responder because it’s set where it’s set and because there is an understanding of the humour.”

He added, “There is an understanding of the way these lads walk, talk and interact with the world. You can just feel at home when you work on the job.”

A crime drama set in Liverpool often raises eyebrows, as past shows have sometimes leaned into unflattering cliches about the city. Yet, Marco’s portrayal in The Responder has been a breath of fresh air, showcasing the depth and humanity of individuals facing tough times.

Martin Freeman heads up the cast of The Responder

Martin Freeman heads up the cast of The Responder

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