‘Baby Reindeer’ row rages on as Piers Morgan gets involved

Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’ is embroiled in a row which now involves Piers Morgan.

Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’ is embroiled in a row which now involves Piers Morgan

The heated argument around Netflix’s Baby Reindeer is showing no signs of subsiding as journalists like Piers Morgan get involved.

Morgan recently interviewed the Scottish woman who claims to be the real-life Martha portrayed in the hit show. She vehemently denied stalking Richard Gadd, who wrote and starred in the show as the lead character.

“It’s completely untrue. Very, very defamatory to me, very career-damaging. And I wanted to rebut that completely on this show. I’m not a stalker. I’ve not been to jail, I’ve not got injunctions. And this is just complete nonsense,” she said on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Piers Morgan Teases Interview with 'Real Martha' from 'Baby Reindeer'

Gadd’s version of the story, portrayed in the show, claims that he was stalked by an older woman while he was a bartender before his career in comedy took off.

Following the interview, Piers was called out for having the woman on his show by writer Beth McColl. She argued that “very unwell, potentially volatile and ultimately highly vulnerable,” woman shouldn’t have been interviewed. “She’s been thrust against her will into the spotlight, harassed by viewers, and contacted by a world-famous TV figure – all within the space of a month,” she wrote on X.

“Piers Morgan and his team know this. But they also know that Baby Reindeer is in Netflix’s top 10 TV shows in 92 countries and hasn’t left Netflix UK’s number one spot since it arrived on the streamer in April. There are views to be collected and money to be made, and we all live in an age where that appears to matter more than decency or safeguarding,” she added.

Responding to her tweet, Piers wrote, “Comical to see people like this writing click-bait crap for £££ whilst simultaneously pretending to be outraged by my interview. I [see] you, Ms McColl – will @GlamourMagUK be donating the revenue from this piece to charity?”

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