Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Brad Pitt’s side is scoffing at Tenute’s countersuit — as they feel they only tried getting into the Chateau Miraval biz because of his name-recognition and deep involvement with the company … which they’re now trying to smear.

We’re told Chateau Miraval is only as successful as it is because of how Brad has run it — and the notion he plundered it for his own personal gain is absurd and nonsensical … as it would only hurt him if he did the things they’re claiming he did.

Brad Pitt Countersued in Winery Case, Allegedly Made It a Personal Piggy  Bank

Bottom line … we’re told BA feels Tenute (a subsidiary of Stoli Group) is blowing hot air that it’s tried litigating in other courts to no avail — and that Brad isn’t sweating their accusations.

Brad Pitt is being countersued by the company Angelina Jolie is trying to sell her winery shares to — and they’re claiming he’s been misappropriating funds and being deceitful.

The actor just got slapped with a countersuit by Tenute del Mondo … which Brad already sued by claiming they had no right to receive Angie’s shares in Chateau Miraval, and which has been dragging on in court for a while.

Chateau Miraval Cotes De Provence RoseIn new court docs, obtained by TMZ, Tenute has now filed its own claim against Brad and his company — alleging they have been using Chateau Miraval as a personal piggy bank for years … and cutting into their own bottom line as new co-owners of the winery.

Tenute claims Brad has been siphoning tons of cash from the winery business to fund his own ventures and passion projects … including using more than $1 million to renovate a pool that only he uses, as well as paying for a recording studio, a cosmetics line and a gin brand he’s investing in.


Tenute says BP and co. have been hiding much of this activity in the books … and that even now, Brad won’t fork over the full finances.

They’re claiming Brad has also shut them out of the business operations in general — and is making their involvement with winery next to impossible as he continues to battle his estranged wife in court. Of course, they’ve been going back and forth at length for a while.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt -- Before the Split


Tenute is asking for major damages. We’ve reached out to Brad’s team … no word back yet.

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