Brad Pitt Isn’t Nominated At The Oscars This Year, And This’s Cool Way He Involved Regardless

Brad Pitt will have a big Oscar night despite not being nominated.

Brad Pitt in Babylon

Brad Pitt has had some big Oscar nights. He’s been nominated five times, and has taken home two awards, once for Best Supporting Actor for Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, and once as a producer for Best Picture winner 12 Years A Slave. He isn’t one of the 2024 Oscar nominees this year, but it will likely still be a big Oscar event for him, as his champagne will be featured at the ceremony.

If you’re familiar with Fleur de Miraval, it’s likely because it’s the French chateau that was purchased by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been at the center of their ongoing divorce battle. Ownership of the chateau has been a major sticking point for the pair. While they are legally separated their divorce has been dragging on for years and the winery is a significant reason why.

Brad Pitt’s Winery Has Been A Major Battle Ground In Divorce
In 2022 Jolie sold her share of the winery to SPI Group, owner of the Stoli vodka brand. Pitt sued his ex-wife over the sale, claiming the two had a deal and that any sale by one of them had to be approved by the other.

More recently Pitt has been fighting to gain a controlling interest in the winery. Pitt and Jolie first bought the chateau prior to their marriage, with Pitt owning 60% and Jolie owning 40%. Pitt “sold” 10% to Jolie upon their marriage as a wedding present. Pitt’s lawyers are now arguing in court that the deal for the 10% is legally unenforceable and it has been placed in escrow pending a final ruling. This has given Pitt a controlling interest, at least for now.

An email from Angelina Jolie that leaked last year indicated that the actress had long wanted to get out of the winery business, though her company Nouval also sued Pitt over the winery, claiming that he had been attempting to force her out of the business and take the profits for himself.

Brad Pitt’s Champagne Will Be The Exclusive One At The Oscars

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People reveals Miraval champagne will be the exclusive champagne at the Oscars ceremony, for the third year in a row. It certainly makes some sense. If you need to provide champagne at an event that celebrates Hollywood, you might as well use the brand owned by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. One wonders if the Oscars also offer Dwayne Johnson’s tequila or Ryan Reynolds’ gin.

The vintage being offered comes in at $300 a bottle, and considering the amount of champagne that is likely to be served at the Oscars, that’s going to be a lot of wine flowing at the event worth probably a lot of money to Brad Pitt. The winners will want to celebrate, and those who don’t come away with statues will want to drown their sorrows in something.


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