Brad Pitt opened up about how he got Into acting

An old video of young Brad Pitt talking about his plan to be a truck driver in this old video has left the internet swooning over his boyish charm. Check it out!

Brad Pitt Talking About How He Got Into Acting In This Old Video Has Left Fans Drooling Over His Gorgeous LooksBrad Pitt Talking About How He Got Into Acting In This Old Video Has Left Fans Drooling Over His Gorgeous Looks ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

William Bradley Pitt, widely known and loved as Brad Pitt, grew up in a modest household in Missouri where people could have never imagined choosing acting as a profession back then. An old video of Brad Pitt has gone viral on social media from his initial days in the industry. Besides captivating us with his boyish charm, he also opened up about how he came to this profession.

He has an incredible filmography and is currently a producer in Hollywood. He started with minor roles and commercials on television and got recognition in 1991 with the movie Thelma & Louise, a film by Ridley Scott. He then did films like Seven, 12 Monkeys, Ocean’s Eleven, Troy, and more, which solidified his position in the industry. One of Pitt’s most notable works is his Fight Club, directed by David Fincher. It was based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name.

The actor is at the top of the entertainment industry, and when fans come across old interviews of him, it inspires them. Meanwhile, we came across this old video where he spoke about how he came into acting and his plans for the future. In this throwback clip, the interviewer asks whether he always wanted to be an actor. Brad replied that acting wasn’t an option growing up in Missouri, and it just happened.

Brad Pitt said that he once ‘picked up’ and moved on as he wanted to see something more. When asked what he planned on doing next, the actor cheekily said he would be a driver, specifically a truck driver. For those who are unaware, Brad was a limo driver for strippers, and he once told Newsweek that he used to drive one girl to an acting class that piqued his interest in this field, and the rest is history.

Brad Pitt – Fan Page has posted the throwback video on Instagram. The fans can’t help but admire the handsome Brad Pitt in this throwback video.

When Brad Pitt Recalled Getting An Acting Break Through Driving Strippers To  Parties & Called It 'Mullet Days'

One fan said, “I can watch it on loop for hours; he’s SO BEAUTIFUL !!!”

Another admirer wrote, “he is so hot it hurts.”

A user quipped, “When u want to drive a truck, but u wind up driving the ladies crazy!!”

Followed by one person adding, “He was Born To Becoming Famous. Gorgeous.”

Another fan commented, “You write perfection on Wikipédia, and his photo appears.”

And, “He’s so raw and pure. Adds up to why I think he’s one of the best actors and creators the industry has seen….”

From being a young lad with many dreams to becoming one of the biggest Hollywood stars with an estimated net worth of $400 million, Brad Pitt has shown that hard work and dedication can help you achieve your dreams.


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