Britney Spears “Could Have A Bright Future” With OnlyFans, if she don’t sing because she own this ”treasure”

Iguess it’s journalism to promote the exploitation of women.

J. Peterson from the DailyMail wrote a piece on Britney Spears to detail her potential earnings from OnlyFans, saying that her nudes could rake in millions of dollars. The outlet spoke to Celeste Franklyn, an OnlyFans manager, who believes that the “Toxic” singer’s pay from OnlyFans would “easily eclipse anything she’s made from music and touring.”

Franklyn told the DailyMail, “According to all the statistics I’ve examined, my prediction for her earnings would be that the first month of the launch will bring a massive influx of people – possibly making her earnings range anywhere from $13 million to $18 million.” In my opinion, Franklyn should have refused to comment on this subject.


“In the following months,” she continued, “her income will most likely level out to about $6 million to $9 million a month, due to the decline of engagement that was caused by the initial curiosity.”

Franklyn takes it further, even providing “advice” on how she should start her profile. “For Spears to achieve success on OnlyFans, she would have to differentiate the content significantly,” Franklyn explained. “Instead of marketing the page to the male audience directly, a strategic approach would be to market the OnlyFans content as exclusive fan material, in addition to occasional explicit content, to retain male interest – kind of like an exclusive page that doesn’t have a filter or any sort of censorship on it.”

Last year, Spears revealed in her memoir The Woman in Me that she takes photos of herself naked, seemingly to regain a sense of control of her own body. “I know that a lot of people don’t understand why I love taking pictures of myself naked or in new dresses,” the singer wrote. Given how she’s only tasted freedom in her later years, it makes sense why she would go down this route.

“But I think if they’d been photographed by other people thousands of times,” Spears added, “prodded and posed for other people’s approval, they’d understand that I get a lot of joy from posting the way I feel sexy and taking my own pictures.”

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To me, The DailyMail is basically saying, “You’re worth more being objectified than as an artist.” That the world finds a woman’s exploitation and body more valuable than who she is or what she creates, and that Spears’ mental health struggles don’t matter. It’s disgusting, and how this piece got past the editors is beyond me.

Sex work is far from glamorous; in fact, OnlyFans was allegedly found to contain child abuse content in 2022. 30% of the content creators on the website also claimed that they “received private messages from suspected traffickers” who would offer to “manage their accounts for a portion” or all of their “proceeds.” Some of these sex sellers added they were “messaged between three and 18 times.”

So, despite what liberal feminism has taught millions of us, there is nothing “empowering” about sex work. Sure, women can profit from men’s loneliness and porn addiction, but at what cost? In the process, they’re engaging in behavior that promotes the perception of women as objects to be degraded and used.



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