Britney Spears well-wishers sound alarm over her new ‘criminal’ love

Closed ones of Britney Spears warn she is in ‘danger’ after she reported mingling with Paul Richard Soliz.

Britney Spears well-wishers sound alarm over her new ‘criminal’ love

Britney Spears is in danger, according to her well-wishers, who alleged that her rumoured romance with Paul Richard Soliz, a convicted felon, would bring only disaster to her.

Worry of these closed ones became double after a recent incident at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles.

They fear the episode is a haunting example of her past that would engulf her. “She had a boozefueled bust-up in a hotel room with Paul and refused treatment,” the insider noted, “It’s like 2008 all over again,” referring to the year she entered conservatorship.

“Now, she’s hanging out with this criminal, and friends fear history is repeating itself,” the mole squealed, adding that Paul was a houseworker for his mansion in L.A, “She’s in serious danger.”

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Explaining Britney’s closeness to him, they say it was born out of loneliness. “She’s usually holed up around her mansion all day, making disturbing videos,” adding he “provided a distraction.”

“They’ve been hooking up for a while. Sam was convinced she cheated on him with Paul because of how she openly flirted with him.”

Raising questions over Paul’s motives, the Grammy winner’s well-wishers said, “Who knows what his motives are?”

Noting, “now she’s intimately involved with a felon and she’s been drinking, which she should definitely not be doing if she’s taking medication for her bipolar disorder.”

Despite these concerns, Britney dismissed romance rumours with Paul, stating, “Hopeless, romantic understanding that being single is awesome!!!.”

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