Brooke Shields accepted Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding invite on the condition that she wasn’t the ‘something old’

Brooke Shields has been part of so many big pop culture moments, from her controversial ads for Calvin Klein, her public friendship with the late Michael Jackson, and that moment when Tom Cruise infamously slammed her on Today for taking antidepressants to treat her postpartum depression. And so another one was surprising: Cruise’s elaborate wedding to Katie Holmes, after he apologized to her.

The model and actress told Entertainment Weekly more about that experience on Wednesday in Los Angeles, as she promoted her new nuptials-centered Netflix movie, Mother of the Bride. “Of course I was gonna say yes to that,” Shields says in a video (above). “I was like, ‘Yes. I will — as long as I’m not the something old!'”

Brooke Shields and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Brooke Shields attended the 2006 wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.


According to Shields, Holmes then made a request. “She goes, ‘Oh, will you?’ And I said, ‘What? Bring myself as the something old?'”

“I had to, like, hunt antique places,” Shields said, “to find the perfect, you know, gift to give her.”

Shields eventually found something appropriate — and Victorian.
“It was a little compact that you put a ring…, ” Shields said. “So you’re supposed to be able to look at their reflection in it and have it around their finger.”

She added, “It was really beautiful.”

What ended up not being so beautiful was the relationship between the bride and groom. They infamously split in June 2012.
Shields has been a pop culture staple since the ’70s, when the model began her acting career in movies such as Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon, and Endless Love. In her latest project, Shields plays Lana, whose daughter, Emma (Miranda Cosgrove), announces that she’s getting married — in only a month! She’s also coupled up with the son of Lana’s ex, who broke her heart years ago.

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