Did Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Speak Out About His Habit Of Dating Younger Women?

Leonardo DiCaprio has an affinity for dating younger women. But has all the talk about his personal life finally sent the actor over the edge?

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has had an affinity for dating younger women since he started out in Hollywood. He was quite the ladies’ man at that time, who appeared to have a type. The only difference now is that the age difference is getting larger between DiCaprio and those he finds himself in a relationship with. While it has always been the norm in the entertainment industry for older men to be spotted with younger women, when it comes to DiCaprio, the claims actually seem to bother him. But with the Titanic star never stepping out with anyone who has entered into the third decade of their lives, fans wonder just how much the reputation DiCaprio has bothers him.

Being an A-list celebrity has its perks for DiCaprio. From being invited to the most exclusive of parties, getting choice movie roles, or being friends with the who’s who in the entertainment world, there is not much that DiCaprio does not have access to. And this includes women. Because of this, models and actresses from the age of 18 to their mid-twenties come flocking to try to catch DiCaprio’s eye. Sometimes it works, other times it does not.

However, it allows the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star to always have arm candy for events, should he choose, making him the envy of men across the globe. But because it upsets DiCaprio to be lumped into a category that essentially makes him an ageist when it comes to dating, it appears that he wants to break that stereotype by speaking out against it.

Leonardo DiCaprio Has A Reputation For Dating Younger Women

Over the course of his career, DiCaprio has been known for dating beautiful younger women. But the internet finally had a say when the Inception star was recently linked to a 19-year-old, Eden Polani. With DiCaprio being 48 years old, the 29-year age gap would be his biggest yet.

It could be because of the backlash received that DiCaprio decided to finally let it be known how he feels about his love life being scrutinized.

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cannes Film Festival

“Leo is very single right now and he is not keen on the hype suggesting that he is seeking out these very young women,” a source explained. “He is looking for something more mature in the relationship department.”

The source went on to say, “It is just ridiculous because he cannot go anywhere without being linked to the youngest beautiful woman there. He wants to ditch this image once and for all and he is really bothered that this continues to follow him. Leo wants something like he had with Camila, something real.”

While it was not DiCaprio himself who spoke out against having a type when it comes to his dating interests, it is clear that being called out for it does not please him. But has DiCaprio done anything, like date someone his own age, to try to diminish the validity of these claims?

Has Leonardo DiCaprio Dated Anyone His Age?

As much as DiCaprio does not want to be shamed for dating only significantly younger women, the facts are still there that once a woman he is dating reaches a certain age, they break up. That magic number, according to fans, appears to be 25 years of age.

Leonardo Dicaprio red carpetVia Instar

A Reddit fan took it upon themselves to create a line graph to show just how old women were when DiCaprio dated them. It also pointed out the age that DiCaprio tends to call things quits with the women and the overall average age that appears to be the demographic for The Aviator star.

“According to the chart… DiCaprio, has never dated a woman over the age of 25 and the average age of his girlfriends is 22.9.”

This falls in line with the fact that DiCaprio’s latest girlfriend, Camila Morrone, whose net worth benefited from dating DiCaprio, was 25 years old when the two called it quits after nearly five years together.

Fans claim they saw it coming as soon as Morrone’s birthday came and went, and because there has been no explicit reason why the two broke up, many have cited the fact that Morrone simply got too old for The Departed star.

Despite the fact that DiCaprio does not want his personal life dissected, that has not stopped fans. The reason that they will not stop talking about the age gap between DiCaprio and his love interests is that fans simply have no sympathy for the actor.

Fans Have No Sympathy For Leonardo DiCaprio

There are times when fans of those in the spotlight want to commiserate, especially when it feels like every aspect of their life is being put under a microscope. But with DiCaprio dating the same age of women for over two decades now and not appearing to care to date anyone older, fans simply do not have sympathy for him.

“Maybe, if he dislikes it so much, he should stop doing it?” one Reddit user asked.

Leonardo DiCaprioVia: Instar

A second user stated,”It’s not like it’s a one-off time. He continues to chase/date very young ladies and they’re getting younger as he gets older.”

“I think what really bothers him, and while people have a problem with his pattern, is the implication that he never loved these women,” a third Reddit user explained. “That his relationships are so superficial that once she “ages out” he is no longer attracted to them and dumps them. I don’t know why his relationships ended, but the pattern is there.”

As much as DiCaprio may not enjoy the age of the women he dates being mentioned, he is not doing anything to stop the chatter from happening either. Because of this, the older he gets, the more he is going to be talked about if he continues to date women from the same age pool.

It is going to be up to him to brush off the comments or change the age of the women he dates to be closer to his age if he truly wants to stop the comments in their tracks.

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