Diddy’s Ex-Nanny Who Claimed to Be Late Kim Porter’s Niece Drops Bombshell Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Mogul

Diddy’s ex-nanny dismissed the lawsuit she filed against the embattled mogul — only months after demanding he be sanctioned for allegedly refusing to turn over documents.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Raven Walden, who worked for Diddy from 2018 to 2020, informed the court she was dismissing her entire case with prejudice.

diddy ex nanny raven kim porter niece drops wrongful termination lawsuit

Diddy denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

The move comes after Diddy was hit with multiple federal lawsuits over alleged sexual assault — and the FBI launched a sex trafficking investigation that included raids of the mogul’s homes.

As previously first reported, in her lawsuit, Raven claimed she was hired after Diddy’s ex Kim Porter died. She said she was asked to help take care of Kim and Diddy’s twins, Jessie James and D’Lila.diddy ex nanny raven kim porter niece drops wrongful termination lawsuit

Raven said she moved into Diddy’s LA mansion and became close with his family. However, she said things went south after she informed Diddy and his team that she was pregnant.

The ex-nanny said she was fired. Raven said she was told Diddy thinks it wasn’t a good example for his daughters to be around an unwed pregnant woman. Her lawsuit demanded unspecified damages.

diddy ex nanny raven kim porter niece drops wrongful termination lawsuit

There are said to be 5 projects in the works about Diddy’s downfall. He’s denied the accusations against him.

Diddy’s rep called the lawsuit a “meritless shakedown.” The mogul admitted he hired Raven but denied her position was meant to be long-term.

His rep said, “Her babysitting services were always intended to be temporary especially since the girls were getting older and spending most of the day at school.”

In response, Diddy also denied Raven was Kim’s biological niece. His lawyers argued Raven was terminated for failing to do her job properly not due to her pregnancy.

Diddy argued Raven’s claims should be dismissed due to her failure to “satisfactorily perform her job responsibilities, and otherwise conduct herself in accordance with the standards and policies of Combs Defendants.”diddy ex nanny raven kim porter niece drops wrongful termination lawsuit

He claimed the decision to terminate Raven was not discriminatory.

Diddy and Raven had been going back and forth during the discovery phase. Raven claimed Diddy and his team were dragging their feet in turning over documents and information.

Her lawyer said, “Defendants have been completely evasive in their discovery responses.” She demanded $5k in sanctions.

Diddy denied the claims and said he had produced all that was necessary. His lawyer said, “Instead of filing the Motion and wasting Court and party resources, [Raven] should have consulted with the [Diddy] on a production schedule in order to understand when they would be producing the documents they committed to. Sanctions are not warranted under these circumstances because the documents sought have been produced, the Motion was irrelevant to the [Diddy’s] production, and [Raven’s] counsel manufactured a dispute that did not exist.”

Now, the matter is moot. Diddy, who has been laying low in Miami, has yet to speak about the dismissal.

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