Director Issa López talked about how she plans to change the iconic American drama series True Detective

HBO’s iconic show True Detective has been renewed for a fourth season releasing next year. With an all-new cast, a new filmmaker, and a different setting from its predecessor, the series will stay true to the original True Detective but will be significantly different.

Series director Issa López talked about how the series deviates significantly from the original American drama series. One of the most significant changes in the series is that the lead is a female and Issa López has a weird philosophy about missing the old series.

True Detective

True Detective Will Be Completely Different From The Original
Renewing the American drama series for a fourth season, True Detective will be completely different from the original. With female leads Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, filmmaker Issa López aims to make the series female-oriented rather than the patriarchal view of detectives.

Issa Lopez is writing the upcoming season of True Detective

What’s more harrowing is that while talking about the upcoming season, Issa López also insulted the original three seasons of the show! In an interview with the AV Club, López revealed that the original series was “male and sweaty”!

“True Detective is male and sweaty. Night Country is cold, dark, and female. I thought we’d remind everyone what we love about the show by doing the absolute opposite,”

Although the fourth season will deviate significantly from the rest, Issa López has revealed that there are plenty of easter eggs and references to find in the upcoming season.

There Are Plenty of Things To Find in True Detective

A still from True Detective: Night Country (2024)

With the upcoming season on the horizon for its release, López teased that there are a lot of references and easter eggs to find in Night City. She further teased that Episode 6 of the series will be explosive (via Collider).

“There are Easter eggs throughout that you will find and there’s a big, big thing in episode 6 that you will discover in time. It is its own story, but it’s still connected. The spiral is there, the way that there are those dark and ancient gods (perhaps yes, perhaps not) working behind the scenes. It is the same universe.”

While continuing to build up on the legacy of the original American drama series, Issa López is sure to take the series into a more female-driven detective drama. The 4th season, titled True Detective: Night Country is slated for a release date of 14th January 2024.



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