Doctor Breaks Down Potential Plastic Surgeries Tom Cruise Went Through to Get His Age Defying Look

While Tom Cruise has never acknowledged the cosmetic surgery claims, a doctor gives his expert opinion on the actor’s facial transformations.

Tom Cruise has time and again proved that age is nothing but a number. Even though the actor has entered his sixties and will be turning 62 this year, he has managed to retain his youthfulness. Have you seen his recent films? It’s like aging and its trials don’t apply to Tom Cruise! Not only has he defied all the stereotypes that come with aging, but he also looks incredible for his age!

The question here though, is whether Tom Cruise’s exceptional good looks are just because he unlocked the gene lottery, or did he have some work done on his face to give him that youthful look? Well, a doctor has given his experienced opinion on just what Tom Cruise has done to transform his face in recent years.

Doctor Breaks Down Tom Cruise’s Face Transformation

Dr. Jonny Betteridge's video on Tom CruiseA still from Dr. Jonny Betteridge’s video on Tom Cruise (via Betteridge’s Instagram)

Back in 2012, Tom Cruise told Playboy Magazine (Via Parade) that he had never had any sort of work done on his face. He said, “I haven’t and I never would.” Years have passed on since then and people are convinced that the subtle changes in Cruise’s appearance are the result of cosmetic surgeries.

Aesthetics doctor, Dr. Jonny Betteridge, posted a video on his Instagram where he dived into the possible surgical procedures Cruise may have had to give himself the youthful appearance we all love.

Betteridge compared Cruise’s photos from 2012, 2016, 2021, and 2022. Talking about the change in his look from 2012 to 2016, the doctor said,

“There was a lot of speculation surrounding his appearance in 2016 and for me this is likely a combination of weight gain and filler-based treatments.”

Fast forward five years and this is what Betteridge’s expert opinion says: “5 years later we can see notable signs of aging particularly in his lower face where there’s laxity to the jawline and neck.”

Cruise’s biggest change was seen in 2022 and according to Betteridge, his lower face was more tightened and contoured which could be due to surgical face and neck lift.

Comparing his look from 1996 to a more recent one, the doctor noted,

“You can see the scars in front of the ear. There’s a change in the shape of his earlobes which frequently occurs with face and neck lift surgery.”

However, Betteridge notes that while Cruise may have had some cosmetic surgeries done on his face, they were all carried out in age-appropriate and natural-looking ways.

Plastic Surgeon Thinks Tom Cruise Spent Around $50K on Cosmetic Treatments

Tom Cruise in a still from Top GunTom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich stated that he believes Cruise has spent about $50,000 on cosmetic surgeries alone. However, he believes that the actor is not done with it, just yet.

“Through the years, it is possible that he may have spent up to $50,000 on cosmetic treatments. Overall, I think Tom is just getting started with it all. I think for most people, there’s an inflection point when the problem gets so bad that they decide they want to do something about it.”

Westreich states that in Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise’s forehead was “as smooth as a drum.” He added,

“His eyebrows also look a little lower than usual. If Botox is done fairly heavily, then the brows can drop, and this looks like pretty heavy Botox to me on his forehead…I can see that by 2018, and certainly by 2022, Tom had some pretty deep forehead lines, and so I definitely think he’s recently had Botox.”

Cruise himself has never confessed whether the rumors about cosmetic surgeries are true or not. However, while the actor could have gotten work done to appear younger, there is no surgery in the world that could give him the soul and stamina of a 25-year-old. That’s all him!

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