Emma Roberts’ Pregnancy Is A Body Horror Nightmare In American Horror Story Season 12

The trailer for American Horror Story season 12 unveils major plot details about the new season. The season, which is titled American Horror Story: Delicate, is an adaptation of Danielle Valentine novel Delicate Condition, which follows an actress who is trying to have a baby and begins to suspect that an unknown person is doing everything in their power to prevent this. The main cast of Delicate, which premieres on FX on September 20 includes Emma Roberts, Cara Delevigne, and Kim Kardashian.

FX Networks has now unveiled the official trailer for American Horror Story season 12. Check it out below:

The trailer follows Roberts’ character Anna Victoria Alcott as she attempts to balance her career aspirations with her desire to have a child. However, as the eerie body horror happenings begin to pile up, including hair loss and a potentially mutated embryo, her future begins to look more challenging than ever before.

The Delicate Trailer Promises a More Focused American Horror Story

Emma Roberts Upside Down on an Exam Table in American Horror Story Delicate

There is a lot going on in the American Horror Story: Delicate trailer. However, in spite of the creepy stalkers, hallucinations, suspicious blood splotches, evil goats, and the like, Delicate is nevertheless showcasing the fact that it’s one of the most focused American Horror Story seasons in a good long while, perhaps since the very beginning. Because it’s based on a specific source novel and follows a single protagonist, it is a pared-down season with a less chaotic approach rather than presenting a vast array of characters and storylines.

The American Horror Story: Delicate cast reflects this, as there appears to be a tighter ensemble surrounding Roberts in this particular outing. Previous seasons have featured much more expansive casts, especially in early entries like Coven or Freak Show, which spread their focus far and wide. Because of this, the storylines have also been more numerous in the past, with season 10, Double Feature, indulging even more in this habit by presenting a single season with two entirely different storylines.

American Horror Story season 12’s more controlled central arc could allow it to wield its horror movie influences more effectively. The ongoing storyline of Alcott’s pregnancy allows the season to riff on pregnancy and medical horror fare more consistently. The trailer shows its hand, revealing influences from classics including Rosemary’s Baby and Dead Ringers, which could complement one another to deliver a tremendously effective horror tale.


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