Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie That Has Grossed Over $100 Million At The Box Office

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very well-known Hollywood celebrity, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie roles include 35 movies (and he starred in 23 of them). He has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in The Revenant. In addition to his acting career, DiCaprio is also known for his environmental activism and philanthropic work.

He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, which focuses on protecting the Earth’s natural resources and endangered species. With his impressive range of talents, both in acting and in life, DiCaprio has left a lasting impression on many.

Among his most profitable films are the following, collectively grossing almost $6 billion worldwide at the box office, according to The Numbers.

Updated November 2023: When ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ was first being talked about, the staggering $200 million budget did not seem like one that was insurmountable to make back. After all, the box office expectations were that the Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese movie was going to gross $500 million before it was all said and done. Whether this is still the case, remains to be seen, given that it has taken nearly a month to earn $100 million. But, even if $500 million is not grossed, it appears feasible that breaking even is something that can be easily achieved.

16Romeo & Juliet

Movie Gross: $147 Million

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio from Romeo + JulietVia: 20th Century Fox

Starring Role

Romeo & Juliet stars Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio, taking on the Shakespeare classic with a modern twist. Baz Luhrmann was the film’s director, and it received positive reviews upon release in 1996.

The contemporary take on the timeless story included a hip hop soundtrack and vibrant, colorful cinematography. Danes and DiCaprio’s chemistry on screen was praised by audiences and critics alike. The film’s success helped introduce a new generation to Shakespeare’s timeless tale of love and tragedy.


Movie Gross: $2.2 Billion

TitanicVia Man of Many 

Starring Role

The movie Titanic is by far the biggest of Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. The film tells a love story that took place during the days leading up to the sinking of the Titanic.

While the story itself is fiction, it is based on the real-life tragedy of the Titanic, which adds a layer of historical significance to the film. The movie’s stunning visuals and powerful performances have made it a beloved classic that continues to be loved and adored by many.

14Gangs Of New York

Movie Gross: $193 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio, circa 1993.via Getty Images

Starring Role

In the movie Gangs of New York, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Amsterdam Vallon, a young man seeking revenge against the gang leader who killed his father. Set in 1863 during the height of the Civil War, the film portrays the violent and gritty reality of life in New York City’s Five Points neighborhood.

Despite mixed reviews upon its release, Gangs of New York has since gained a cult following for its impressive production design and intense performances from DiCaprio and co-stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz.

13Catch Me If You Can

Movie Gross: $352 Million

Catch Me If You CanYouTube

Starring Role

Catch MeIf You Can is based on a true story and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr., a con artist who successfully impersonated a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer, all before the age of 21.

Catch Me If You Can follows Abagnale as he eludes the FBI and develops a friendship with Tom Hanks’ agent. Both critics and viewers have praised DiCaprio’s endearing and charismatic performance in the lead role, and the movie has become a fan favorite for its suspenseful plot and witty dialogue.

12The Aviator

Movie Gross: $213 Million

jolie and dicaprio - the aviator and the tourist screenshotsvia Imdb

Starring Role

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in The Aviator, a true story, as Howard Hughes, a wealthy and eccentric businessman who becomes a successful film producer and aviation pioneer.

The Aviator explores Hughes’ personal struggles with mental illness and his tumultuous relationships with women, including Hollywood actress Katharine Hepburn.

11The Departed

Movie Gross: $291 Million

The Departedvia maxim.com

Starring Role

The Departed is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most praised films, directed by Martin Scorsese and co-starring Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Mark Wahlberg.

The Departed follows two undercover cops, one working for the police and one for the Irish mob, as they try to uncover each other’s identities and take down their respective organizations. DiCaprio delivers a powerful and complex performance as the conflicted Billy Costigan, earning him his third Academy Award nomination.

10Blood Diamond

Movie Gross: $171 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio looking really angryVia: Instar

Starring Role

Blood Diamond stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer, a diamond smuggler who is forced to team up with Solomon Vandy, a fisherman from Sierra Leone, played by Djimon Hounsou. Vandy is searching for his son, who was taken by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels and forced to work in the diamond mines. Archer sees an opportunity to profit from Vandy’s knowledge of a rare pink diamond that he had hidden before being captured.

The two embark on a dangerous journey through war-torn Sierra Leone to find the diamond and rescue Vandy’s son. Along the way, they encounter Maddy Bowen, a journalist played by Jennifer Connelly, who is investigating the illegal diamond trade and becomes involved in their mission. The film explores the themes of greed, corruption, and the devastating effects of war on innocent people. It received critical acclaim for its performances, direction, and cinematography and was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Actor for DiCaprio.

9Body Of Lies

Movie Gross: $119 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio red carpetVia: Instar

Starring Role

Body of Lies stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a CIA operative who goes undercover to track down a high-ranking terrorist leader in the Middle East. As he collaborates with Mark Strong’s portrayal of a Jordanian intelligence officer, he must navigate a web of deceit and betrayal along the way. As the mission becomes increasingly dangerous, DiCaprio’s character must decide who he can trust and what sacrifices he is willing to make to complete his mission.

8Shutter Island

Movie Gross: $294 Million

dicaprio shutter islandvia IMDb

Starring Role

Shutter Island is a movie that actually disturbed Leonardo DiCaprio at times while filming. In this psychological thriller, DiCaprio plays a U.S. Marshal investigating the disappearance of a patient from an isolated mental institution on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. As he delves deeper into the case, he begins to question his own sanity and the motives of those around him.

Shutter Island‘s haunting atmosphere and intense performances from the cast, including Ben Kingsley and Michelle Williams, make for a gripping and unsettling viewing experience.


Movie Gross: $839 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio In InceptionVia ew.com

Starring Role

Inception features Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb, a skilled thief who specializes in stealing information from people’s subconscious minds while they are in a dream state. Cobb’s wife Mal, who passed away in mysterious circumstances and now appears in his dreams as a perilous and unpredictable presence, is haunting him.

To redeem himself and reunite with his children, Cobb must complete one last job: plant an idea in the mind of a powerful businessman named Robert Fischer. Along with a team of experts, Cobb delves deeper and deeper into Fischer’s dreams, encountering unexpected challenges and dangers along the way.

6Django Unchained

Movie Gross: $450 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candy in Django UnchainedVia: Reddit

Starring Role

Django Unchained stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a ruthless plantation owner named Calvin Candie, who enjoys brutalizing his slaves. The film follows the story of Django, a freed slave who teams up with a bounty hunter to rescue his wife from Candie’s plantation.

Django Unchained is a violent and controversial film, but it has received critical acclaim for its performances, direction, and screenplay.

5The Great Gatsby

Movie Gross: $353 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio smiling and holding a martini glass up with fireworks behind him in The Great Gatsby.via IGN on YouTube

Starring Role

The Great Gatsby is a classic movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, a wealthy and mysterious man who throws extravagant parties in hopes of winning back his lost love, Daisy Buchanan. The film is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, which is widely regarded as a masterpiece of American literature.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Gatsby was widely praised by critics and audiences alike, and the film went on to receive numerous award nominations, including an Academy Award for Best Production Design.

4The Wolf Of Wall Street

Movie Gross: $406 Million

jonah hill wolf on wall street screenshotvia YouTube

Starring Role

The Wolf of Wall Street is and was a smash hit that people still cannot stop talking about. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the charismatic and cunning Jordan Belfort, the film takes audiences on a wild ride through the world of finance and excess. From the outrageous parties to the shady deals, The Wolf of Wall Street offers a glimpse into a lifestyle that few can even imagine.

Despite its controversial subject, the film was praised for its performances, direction, and darkly comedic tone. And while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that The Wolf of Wall Street left a lasting impression on viewers.

3The Revenant

Movie Gross: $532 Million

the RevenantVia The Hollywood Reporter

Starring Role

The Revenant is a true story starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who is left for dead by his companions after being mauled by a bear. The film follows Glass as he embarks on a treacherous journey through the wilderness to seek revenge against those who betrayed him.

Along the way, he faces numerous obstacles and dangers, including hostile Native American tribes and harsh weather conditions. Despite these challenges, Glass remains determined to survive and achieve his goal.

2Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Movie Gross: $377 Million

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio via: Columbia Pictures

Starring Role

In the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Rick Dalton, a fading Hollywood actor struggling to make a comeback in the industry. Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, is his devoted friend and stunt double. The two navigate through the changing landscape of Hollywood in the late 1960s, with the Manson Family murders looming in the background.

1Killers of the Flower Moon

Movie Gross: $119 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moonvia Paramount Pictures

Starring Role

Originally cast to play FBI agent Tom White, Leonardo DiCaprio did not feel like “the heart” of what happened to the Osage Nation was being told. As such, both he and director, Martin Scorsese were instrumental in changing the direction of the film. This also meant a role change for DiCaprio.

When the script was finalized, DiCaprio was portraying Ernest Burkhart, a World War I vet who is working with his uncle to rob the Osage people. But to add a twist to the story, Burkhart was married to an Osage woman. Something that was not only frowned upon during the day but caused a huge conflict of interest for the character.

“It just didn’t feel like it got to the heart of it,” DiCaprio explained. “We weren’t immersed in the Osage story. There was this tiny, small scene between Mollie and Ernest that provoked such emotion in us at the reading, and we just started to penetrate into what that relationship was, because it was so twisted and bizarre and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

As such, a completely new story was told on the big screen and has made over $100 million in the process.

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