Hailey and Justin Bieber ‘taking separate cars to events for months,’ fans claim in pics as split rumors swirl

Hailey’s Easter celebration raised eyebrows as Justin was not included in her photos from the holiday.

HAILEY and Justin Bieber have been taking separate cars to events for months, according to eagle-eyed fans.

The celebrity couple has been the center of split speculation as critics pick up on various clues that their marriage is in trouble.

Fans believe Hailey and Justin Bieber are headed for a split

Fans believe Hailey and Justin Bieber are headed for a splitCredit: BackGrid
The couple has been spotted leaving various outings in separate vehicles

The couple has been spotted leaving various outings in separate vehiclesCredit: BackGrid
The pair are reportedly 'living separately'

The pair are reportedly ‘living separately’Credit: BackGrid

Hailey, 27, and Justin, 30, have been arriving and leaving star-studded events in separate cars for some time now, critics claim after examining recent photos taken of the pair.

One fan shared their concern on Reddit, asserting their opinion that the singer and model have been “living separately since last year.”

“She was forcing him on a daily paparazzi walk to convince the world that they are still together and what is said about them is not true..

“But Justin is a really bad actor because from his facial expressions and his body language you can see he is miserable as hell and he doesn’t want to be here and he is forced to do this..” the user explained alongside images of Hailey and Justin on recent outings.

“Her fans have always said that Justin hates the paparazzi and that is why he always seems unhappy, But this is not true.. Justin has been appearing with his friends or alone in front of the paparazzi recently, and he seemed normal and happier than when he was with her.. So the problem here is Hailey, not the paparazzi..” the fan continued.

“All the concerts, restaurants and places. They’ve been going too They’ve been going separately and leave separately since last year…and this doesn’t seem like a break to me because it’s been a very long time..” they closed.

Justin and Hailey's marriage has come under fan scrutiny

Justin and Hailey’s marriage has come under fan scrutinyCredit: BackGrid
Many are convinced they're faking a happy relationship

Many are convinced they’re faking a happy relationshipCredit: Startraks
Critics believe Hailey is using social media as a method of 'damage control'

Critics believe Hailey is using social media as a method of ‘damage control’Credit: Getty


Justin and Hailey have been spotted separately leaving restaurants and bars in Los Angeles on multiple occasions in recent months, sparking concern among their fandom.

Cameras caught the couple walking together without touching with serious expressions or exiting venues into different vehicles and driving off by themselves.

The Rhode founder has reportedly been living apart from Justin and many of their followers believe they are using social media as a method of “damage control.”

On Sunday, Hailey shared a picture to her Instagram Stories of two Easter eggs, one with her name and one with Justin’s written in white icing.

Hailey and Justin Bieber decorate matching chocolate Easter eggs together in sweet moment as couple battles split rumors


Both of the treats were dipped in chocolate and decorated with little spring figurines in the shape of yellow ducks, orange carrots, and mini Easter bunnies.

Both were situated in small wicker baskets and were arranged on a table next to white flowers.

A third egg, dedicated to Hailey’s friend and vocalist Justin Skye, 28, was visible in the background.

The model’s decision to put her unity with her husband on display caught fan attention, with many claiming the post was forced.

On Reddit, one wrote, “Yet to see a photo of these two together… but she made sure to include his name on an egg.”

“If he is there, she would’ve already made sure to get a photo of them together and post it,” a second agreed.

“I feel like she is trying to do damage control as much as possible right now.”

“I absolutely agree,” a third shared, adding, “But also wonder if maybe it has a secondary purpose to make him feel guilty for not being there with her for the holiday.

“Something along the lines of, ‘I made Easter so special for us and you couldn’t even show up,’ Or not, who knows?”

“No Hailey was with the Kardashians because her egg and Justine’s egg was together with like 10+ other eggs,” a fourth asserted.

“Hailey spending holidays with Karjenners and not JB lol,” another claimed.

“Justin is nowhere near her. She’s making things worse for herself. All this faking and pretending. Then the next day she’s going to post another sad song, then make 1,000 stories about Rhode,” a final relented.

Hailey shared photos of her and Justin's Easter eggs

Hailey shared photos of her and Justin’s Easter eggsCredit: Instagram/HaileyBieber
Fans noticed he didn't appear in any of her pictures from the holiday

Fans noticed he didn’t appear in any of her pictures from the holidayCredit: Instagram / Hailey Bieber

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