Hailey Bieber fans label Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel a ‘bully’ after c.r.u.e.l joke

Hailey Bieber fans are fuming at Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel after he poked fun at her during his brutal opening monologue.

Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back (Image: Getty)

Oscars Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back during his opening monologue, sparing no one with his cutting humor.

Jimmy, 56, aimed a comedic jab at Hailey Bieber, aged 27, as part of a broader critique on nepotism and privilege in Hollywood.

In a line that quickly became one of the most talked-about moments of the night, Jimmy fired off at Justin Bieber’s wife.

“Heavily botoxed, Hailey Bieber smoothie drinking, diabetes prescription abusing, gluten sensitive nepo babies with perpetually shivering chihuahuas…,” he said, drawing mixed reactions from the audience and viewers at home.

This term, “neop babies” gaining traction since 2022, refers to individuals who have leveraged their family’s fame for their own career advancement, a concept that has sparked debate about merit and privilege in the entertainment industry.

Hailey Bieber fans defend Jimmy Kimmel joke (Image: Getty)
While Jimmy’s remark aimed to satirize the broader phenomenon, it struck a chord—eliciting a wave of responses on Twitter.

Critics of the joke defended Hailey, highlighting the comment’s perceived harshness.

“This was so unprovoked and mean,” one commenter noted.

“A grown man trying to bully a woman decades younger than him and he’s not embarrassed?” another stated.

“Once again a man coming for a woman out of the blue just to throw unnecessary hate,” a third backed up.

Jimmy Kimmel roasts Hailey Bieber (Image: Getty)

In addition, speculation surrounding Hailey Bieber’s personal life, particularly her marriage to pop star Justin Bieber, has been abuzz.

Addressing the rumors directly, Hailey posted a message on her Instagram Stories, dismissing the “constant ‘blind items'” seen on platforms like TikTok as “100% of the time wrong” and originating from “the land of delusion.”

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