Hailey Bieber fans suspect model is ‘pregnant’ with first child as she shows off her figure in a bodysuit for new photos

HAILEY Bieber has sparked baby rumors from fans after she wore a black bodysuit.

The supermodel showed off her keen fashion sense in her new photos on Instagram.

Hailey Bieber wore an all-black ensemble in new photos

Hailey Bieber wore an all-black ensemble in new photosCredit: Instagram/ danixmichelle

She rocked a black trenchcoat with matching shades

She rocked a black trenchcoat with matching shadesCredit: Instagram/ danixmichelle

The photos led fans to speculate the star is pregnant

The photos led fans to speculate the star is pregnantCredit: Getty

Hailey is married to singer Justin Bieber

Hailey is married to singer Justin BieberCredit: Getty
Fashion stylist Dani Michelle shared snapshots of Hailey, 27, in an all-black ensemble.

In the first snap, the Victoria’s Secret notable showed off her long legs as she donned sheer stockings.

Hailey rocked a black trench coat over her skintight high-neck bodysuit.

She wore thick shades and put her her rosy pink cheeks on display.

As the slides continued, Hailey – married to Justin Bieber – leaned against the wall and shot an expressionless glance at the camera.

“Filed under Super Bowl nights,” Danix captioned the post.

Fans jumped to the comments section and speculated that the star might be pregnant.

“Baby on the way! She is pregnant!” one suggested.

“Yes. She’s pregnant! Check out her stomach!” another assumed.

“Oh my god! Baby Bieber! I love her!” a third claimed.

“A baby is coming,” a user wrote and added clapping emojis.

“Jesus Christ! She is so pregnant. That’s cute! Wish them all the best,” a commentator reacted.

This is not the only time social media sleuths claimed they spotted clues that the star might be expecting her first child with husband Justin, 30.

This past Thursday, Hailey shared multiple images from her tropical getaway on Instagram.

Although Justin was nowhere in sight, Hailey promoted her makeup brand during the tropical trip.

In the first post, the Rhode founder shared several selfies of herself standing outside in the sun.

She also snuck in skincare products from her makeup brand into the shot.

In an Instagram Story, the star took a mirror selfie in the bathroom.

She posed with her white pants pulled down and had her top rolled up.

Fans claimed Hailey had glowing skin and mentioned that her belly looked bloated in the mirror selfie.

“She’s alive and very much pregnant,” one speculator shared at the time.

“Even her face looks a bit different. There’s no way she’s not pregnant,” another speculator theorized.

“Do y’all think she is pregnant? I feel like she is sticking out her stomach or just bloated and is trying to get the talk on her again honestly,” a commentator though shared their doubts.

“Honestly, I think she might be or could be,” another commentator claimed.

The couple has been married since 2018 and share no kids.Fans claimed they spotted clues in Hailey's vacation photosFans claimed they spotted clues in Hailey’s vacation photosCredit: Instagram/haileybieber

Fans speculated Hailey might be pregnant as she rolled up her top


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