Hailey Bieber’s Recent Photos Hints She Might Be Pregnant

Should we be on the lookout for a mini Justin or a mini Hailey? Oh, what if it’s a dash of both, you know, like a twin package?

This is because recent photos from Hailey Bieber have been continuously sparking pregnancy rumors online.

Note that this is not the first time the supermodel sparked pregnancy rumors, but it seems like this one is more intense than the previous ones.

This past Thursday, the wife of the “Love Yourself” singer Justin Bieber, shared selfies she took of herself during her tropical vacation.

Hailey Bieber's Recent Photos Hints She Might Be Pregnant

One of the selfies which she shared on Instagram was taken under the Sun with some skincare products from her skincare brand “Rhode Skin” featured in it.

The second is a mirror selfie taken in her hotel bathroom and it featured her in a white pant and t-shirt which she pulled up to reveal her stomach.

Somehow, this particular bathroom selfie couldn’t help but signal pregnancy to Bieber fans because Hailey’s famous toned flat tummy looked a little bulged/bloated. A fan took the photo to X (formerly known as Twitter) and wrote “She’s alive and very much pregnant.” Another took to the comments to tweet, “Even her face looks a bit different, there’s no way she’s not pregnant.”

Hailey Bieber — Hailey’s Next Pregnancy Clue
The picture also made its way to Reddit where fans began the debate of whether she is pregnant or not. Someone said, “Pregnancy: always shows up in the face first.” Another queried, “Do y’all think she is pregnant? I feel like she is sticking out her stomach or just bloated and is trying to get the talk on her again honestly.” A third pointed, “She could be pregnant. Her belly button is sticking out,” an uncertain fourth wrote, “Honestly, I think she might be, or could be.”

The following day, Hailey’s Instagram photo became yet again, a topic of discussion among her fans after fashion stylist Dani Michelle shared a photo of the Victoria’s Secret model on Instagram. The snaps featured Hailey in an all-black ensemble of sheer stockings, a bodysuit, and a trench coat.

The photo which was captioned, “Filed under Super Bowl nights,” also featured the 27-year-old leaning lazily on a wall as she stares blankly at the camera. A fan excitedly commented, “Baby on the way! She is pregnant!” And another screamed, “Yes. She’s pregnant! Check out her stomach!”

For some reason, the comments section was filled with fans who are so sure that Hailey will soon be a mother. A third wrote, “Oh my god! Baby Bieber! I love her!” Another added, “A baby is coming,” with clapping emojis. While the fifth said, “Jesus Christ! She is so pregnant. That’s cute! Wish them all the best.”

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