Hollywood stars support Jodie Foster to come out as a gender

 When standing on the stage of the 70th Golden Globes to receive the achievement award, star of “The Silence of the Lambs” Jodie Foster moved everyone in the audience with her speech. very sincere and straightforward about her sexuality.

At this 70th Golden Globe Awards, Jodie Foster also received support from her sons. The 50-year-old actress’s two children, Charles (14 years old) and Kit (12 years old) were present in the guest seats and did not forget to applaud their biological mother when Jodie went on stage to receive the achievement award and perform. a speech that made everyone cry. Jodie Foster’s children rarely appear in public.

Jodie Foster on stage at the 70th Golden Globe Awards.

Jodie Foster on stage at the 70th Golden Globe Awards, evening of January 13.

The world-famous star talks about the Golden Globe award, an award that all “professionals” want to have, about the role of a famous mother with her children and that Jodie does not forget tells the story of his respected mother who suffers from dementia.

The 50-year-old actress mentioned her 84-year-old mother with all the respect and love: “I love you, I love you and I love you very much. If you can say this three times, hopefully, by some miracle, mom will know and be happy to know that she has lived a very good life in this world. She wiped away her tears and continued: “Mom is a great mother. Please remember to carry these words with you even when you are ready to enter the next world.”

Standing on stage, Jodie sent her sincere thanks to her partner Cydney Bernard who has always supported her in her career and was also present at the recent awards night with her two sons. Jodie calls the woman named Cydney Bernard a heroine, a partner who loves her very much and a friend who understands her heart at all times.

Jodie appears with her two sons very rarely in public.

Jodie appears with her two sons very rarely in public.
Jodie Foster's children were proud of their mother's emotional, heartfelt speech.

Jodie Foster’s children were proud of their mother’s emotional, heartfelt speech.

No one knows who the father of Jodie Foster's children is.

No one knows who the father of Jodie Foster’s children is.

“Cydney Bernard is a dear friend who has always given me advice for the past twenty years. Thank you, Cyd. I am very proud of our modern family, of our wonderful children, Charlie and Kit. They are the motivation for me to live and fight. Dear children, this song is for you,” Jodie looked affectionately at her relatives. Jodie’s children smiled proudly when they witnessed everyone’s reaction to their biological mother’s emotional speech.

The star of the movie The Silence of the Lambs also hinted at his intention to retire from the entertainment industry. The high point of her speech was a candid confession about Jodie’s sexuality. “As I stand here, there is a strong urge that makes me want to confess something I have never dared to tell everyone,” Jodie said bravely.

Then, she smiled and continued: “It’s a statement that I’m a little afraid to say. I want to declare one thing clearly and proudly.” She paused for a moment then continued: “I’m single.” Jodie received applause from everyone in the auditorium and emotional tears from her colleagues. The 50-year-old star also asked the media to respect the private lives of artists.

Jodie Foster received the achievement award.

Jodie Foster received the achievement award.

Jodie Foster once hinted at her true gender in a speech for her beautiful best friend Cydney Bernard at the 2007 Women of Entertainment awards ceremony.

After her speech at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards, Jodie Foster received even more respect and admiration from her colleagues.

On Twitter’s personal page, a series of stars expressed their admiration and praise for the 50-year-old star’s touching and wonderful speech. Actress Emmy Rossum wrote: “Jodie Foster is such an inspiration. A great speaker. It’s so emotional.” Actress Jesse Tyler Ferguson also expressed: “Jodie Foster. You are so wonderful. I love you.” And singer LeAnn Rimes wrote: “’Jodie Foster…. I still cry because of your speech.”

And comedian Kathy Griffin praised Jodie Foster for giving strength and courage to people living in America to dare to tell the truth about their sexuality. Jodie Foster has two sons, but she has never revealed the identity of their father. With questions related to her personal life, Jodie always remained silent or refused to answer. There is information that the biological father of her two sons is a friend who attended Yale University with her and is gay.

Jodie Foster received the achievement award.

Not only mentioning her children and biological mother, Jodie Foster also gives affection and gratitude to her partner Cydney Bernard.

Jodie Foster and her partner - Cydney Bernard

Jodie Foster and her partner – Cydney Bernard

Jodei Foster started joining the entertainment industry as a 3-year-old girl in a sunscreen commercial. The beautiful star appeared in about 50 movies before graduating from high school, including the role of a call girl in the movie Taxi Driver with actor Robert De Niro.

As an adult, Jodie Foster still maintains her star position and preserves her talent. Her notable roles include the raped girl Sarah Tobias in The Accused   (1988) and Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs , a role that brought her an Oscar. for Best Actress. The achievement award for Jodie Foster at the 70th Golden Globe Awards is completely deserved!


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