Huntley Gets Candid on His Career Since Winning ‘The Voice’

During the blind auditions on season 24 of The Voice, the coaches watched as Huntley took the stage to perform “She Talks to Angels” by Black Crowes. Gaining favor from John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, and Reba McEntire, the singer had a tough decision to make. So needing a little help, he called his daughter to the stage. With her naming Horan, it seemed like the perfect fit as Huntley eventually won the competition. Walking away with $100,000 and a record deal, Huntley recently opened up about his life after The Voice and how the end was just the beginning.

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Sitting down with Song House, Huntley held nothing back when it came to his career after The Voice. Winning the competition back in December, the singer watched his life drastically change after hearing his name announced. While thrilled about his victory, Huntley admitted that winning The Voice was just the beginning. Believing that gaining a spot on the show was his biggest hurdle, it appears nothing prepared him for what followed.

Although continuing to pursue a career in music, Huntley explained how every decision he makes is not just for himself but for his family. A father first, the demands of the music industry can be somewhat taxing when trying to juggle both. Noting that he followed his dreams of winning The Voice, Huntley never wondered what it would be like to not have that dream. And with his career ongoing, he seems to be finding his place in music.

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While holding nothing back during his interview, fans rallied around the singer, writing, “This reminds me to focus on the climb that I’m on, and not wish I was in another climb. Every season of life presents its own challenges, so take time to absorb the season you’re fully in.” Another person wrote, “I absolutely love this, the honesty is refreshing in a beautiful way. Please don’t ever change. We do love you, your music and your heart! Your babies are so proud I’m sure. Much love and hugs!!” And one person insisted, “You can’t let it consume you to the point you lose what’s important the music your love for the music that’s what it’s all about not to fame that your artistry don’t let it affect that you got this.”

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Just last month, Huntley recalled his time on The Voice and the one performance he cherished. He told NBC Insider, “[My] most special performance was when I got to perform with my coach, Niall. It was a really awesome way to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Goodbye’ at the same time — or ‘See you later’ — and I feel like we gave it that Bob Dylan and Axl Rose type of feel, and it’s going viral now online, so it’s pretty cool to see that.”


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