Suri Cruise might be using a new name in her personal life. The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who grew up as one of the most famous toddlers in the public eye, is going through one of the biggest moments of change in her life. She recently celebrated her 18th birthday, and has many decisions to make in her future, including what career she wants to pursue and whether or not she’ll be going to college.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in New York

According to our sister website HELLO!, Suri might be indentifying with a different name. She recently starred in a stage performance of “Head Over Heels,” in New York City, where she was supported by her mother and her grand parents Martin and Kathleen. Suri played the role of Philoclea, one of the story’s main characters.

Her name was listed on the casting sheet as Suri Noelle, opting to drop her famous last name. Noelle is her mother’s middle name, a gesture that demonstrates the tight bond that the two share and that they’ve built over the course of their life together in the city.

Suri’s artistic pursuits

Suri seems to be interested in the arts, having various credits as an actress in different stage performances, including “Head Over Heels” and a high school production of “The Addams Family: A New Musical,” where she played the role of Morticia Addams.

She’s also a talented singer, performing a cover of the song “Blue Moon” for her mother’s film, “Alone Together.” Suri also appears to be interested in fashion, with her considering pursuing it as a career in college. Whatever path she chooses, she has plenty of resources and talent at her disposal.

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