Is This GRAMMY Nominated Country Star Joining ‘The Voice’ as a Coach?

The Voice fans are taking to a recent Instagram post from the show to predict who could possibly join the coaching team next season. As of now, there is no confirmation that there will be an open big red chair on season 26. Still, fans are thinking ahead already just in case.

One fan put in their vote for Kelsea Ballerini as a new coach, writing confidently in the comments, “Kelsea [Ballerini] is going to be coach on season 26.” It seems they’re putting that energy out into the universe for the next season of The Voice. Manifestation is a powerful tool—we’ll see next season if it worked.

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Another fan is sure Ballerini—a four-time GRAMMY nominee—will join the new panel, writing in response to the question of who will join the coaching team, “[It’s] gonna be Kelsea Ballerini.” Other fans asked how they knew that, though there was no forthcoming explanation from the original commenter.

Someone else asked, “When is the next season coach lineup going to be announced … y’all always do it early!” The coach lineup may stay the same, but there is no confirmation either way at this time. Could there be another country coach in a big red chair next season? And who do fans want out?

Is Kelsea Ballerini in the Running for a Big Red Chair on The Voice? Fans Weigh in on Current Season, Share Predictions for the Next

Thinking back to the beginning of The Voice season 25, there was an uproar from fans about the amount of country music on the show. With the inclusion of Reba McEntire and country-pop duo Dan + Shay, country music made up half of the coaching panel. If John Legend or Chance the Rapper left the show, replaced by Kelsea Ballerini, country music would begin its almost total reign on The Voice.

Additionally, fans noted that there seemed to be a lot of country music contestants as well. While the show boasts an all-genre approach, fans picked out more country artists auditioning than usual.

“Is The Voice becoming a show for country music artists?” one fan asked on Twitter/X a couple of months ago. “That’s all that seems to audition lately.”

Other fans expressed similar opinions, with one going so far as to criticize Reba McEntire’s inclusion as a coach. “Reba just wants country people on her team and that’s not what this show is about,” they wrote.

Could Kelsea Ballerini cause a shake-up among The Voice fans? With another country coach, the fanbase could be significantly altered, changing the way the show is consumed and how voting works as well. Viewer voting only works if there’s a unique and diverse audience willing to cast their vote for their favorite singer. If the audience goes country, there will be a definite bias involved. Overall, it looks like we’ll have to wait until the show provides us with an official announcement to see if the coach lineup will change.

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