Is Under the Bridge Coming Back for Season 2?

Raise your hand if you’ve been sucked into Hulu’s latest series, Under the Bridge. Is it up? Same. (You can put your hand down now.) For those of you who stumbled into this corner of Esquire’s entertainment coverage and are just catching up, Under the Bridge tells the story of Reena Virk’s life and tragic death. Virk was fourteen years old when she disappeared. One night, she went out to meet friends at a party and never made it home.

Under the Bridge' Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Set in 1997, the series is based on Rebecca Godfrey’s best-selling book of the same name, which investigates a group of teenagers involved in Virk’s murder. Creator Quinn Shepard told IndieWire that she was drawn to Godfrey’s writing. “I was so struck by how gentle [the book] was,” she said. “And there was a real sensitivity to the way that it approached the holistic story, as well as all of the characters. It was a very beautiful book; it was very poetic. I was really shocked that a story that was so dark and so brutal could have so much tenderness. [It’s] really a story of childhood and coming of age.”

Hulu’s adaptation stars Riley Keough as Godfrey, alongside Lily Gladstone, who plays Cam, a local detective working on the case. Godfrey is credited as a producer and writer for the show, but (per The New York Times) she died in 2022 from lung-cancer complications. Under the Bridge expertly weaves her book into a gripping true-crime series. Since its premiere on April 17, it has consumed my every thought. For the past four weeks, I’ve wondered who killed Virk, why they did it, and, of course, if there will be another season.

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If you’ve also been holding out hope for more episodes, I have some unfortunate news. Under the Bridge is a miniseries—meaning the story is contained within a stand-alone season. There are currently no plans for a renewal or an anthology (but we’ll keep you posted if anything changes!). On the bright side, Hulu has released only half of the episodes so far. You can check out the release schedule here, which includes instructions on how to tune in. When the finale drops on May 29, we’ll know what happened to Virk and her killers—once and for all.

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