Jensen Ackles’ New TV Show Is A Great Supernatural Replacement While Waiting For A Revival

Those waiting for a Supernatural revival may find a suitable replacement TV show for the time being in a new CBS action drama that will soon feature Jensen Ackles. The iconic Supernatural series starred Ackles as Dean Winchester beside Jared Padalecki’s Sam Winchester, brothers who charge themselves with hunting down and eradicating paranormal beings, for an incredible 15-season run between 2005 and 2020. If not already evident by its standing as the longest-running American live-action fantasy series, Supernatural was a verifiable hit with viewers, presently holding a series average of 93% with critics and 72% with audiences on Rotten Tomatoes​​​.

However, like all good things, the popular cult TV show eventually came to an end, leaving fans to sit with a Supernatural series finale that left many at odds. In one way, the series’ conclusion left audiences bereft of a widely beloved and successful network television show – and in another, Supernatural’s divisive series finale made many feel like the Winchesters didn’t get the ending they deserved. Thankfully, while Supernatural fans wait to see if a revival will surface to right their woes, CBS has a great replacement series that is getting ready to welcome Ackles to its next big season.

Jensen Ackles’ Tracker Casting Gives Him Another Brother Role In A Big Network Show

Ackles Is Set To Play Colter Shaw’s Brother In TrackerJustin Hartley and Jensen Ackles posing for Tracker

CBS recently confirmed Ackles for season 2 of Tracker, the network’s hot new series starring Justin Hartley as the rogue survivalist/tracker Colter Shaw. The series is building a remarkable following for its mystery-busting premise and engaging cast of characters, both of which look to be getting even better with Ackles joining Tracker as Colter’s estranged brother, Russell. Supernatural fans’ interest may be piqued by Ackles’ casting, seeing as it places the actor in another brother role at the center of a major network series and has the potential to foster an intense familial dynamic on par with the Winchesters.

Albeit quite different from the Winchesters’ narrative and probably in a much shorter timeframe, Tracker could explore the dynamic between brothers in a great and compelling way, which was Supernatural’s best strength .

A while back, lead actor Hartley spoke about Russell’s dramatic arrival in the Tracker series, explaining that Russell and Colter have a strained relationship because the former killed their father. The incident left the brothers at odds for a long time, and viewers will get to witness the two tentatively reunite in Tracker season 2 to solve an overarching mystery brewing within the Special Forces. Albeit quite different from the Winchesters’ narrative and probably in a much shorter time frame, Tracker could explore the dynamic between brothers in a great and compelling way, which was once Supernatural’s best narrative strength.

Will There Be More Supernatural With Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki?

Revival Rumors Are Promising But Not Concrete

Dean and Sam looking into the distance in Supernatural

For some, nothing other than the confirmation that the much-anticipated Supernatural revival will happen can fulfill what has been a lengthy state of limbo that has still yet to be solidly addressed. While forward movement on the series has not been confirmed nor initiated, all Supernatural fans will be glad to know that whispers surrounding a potential revival are, at the very least, promising. Ackles and Padalecki have expressed their interest in returning as the Winchester brothers for more epic paranormal exploits, assuring on numerous occasions since the show’s divisive finale that a Supernatural revival could happen on one condition.

Per Padalecki, both actors would return if the revival is a “labor of love” that’s as “true to the canon and to the fandom and to the story and to the characters as possible.” Their interest in furthering the series is an optimistic sign that a Supernatural revival may actually see the light of day, and their devotion to remaining true to the established canon ensures that it would be faultless if it does. Further, Supernatural was a crowd-puller for 15 seasons, and the franchise’s previous success is a great incentive to produce a revival that could be equally triumphant.

What Jensen Ackles Has Done Since Supernatural

Ackles Has Pursued Several TV Roles, Including A Part In The Supernatual Spin-off

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in The Winchesters finale

Since Supernatural, Ackles has performed in several TV shows, including the Supernatural spinoff The Winchesters, which turns back time to document the story of how Dean and Sam’s parents met and then fought paranormal monsters together. Ackles serves as The Winchester’s narrator, and while he doesn’t make a big appearance within the show, his absence is compensated for as he serves as one of the series’ executive producers. The spinoff is an enjoyable series to watch as a Supernatural supplement – though fans should note that The Winchesters was cancelled after its first season and doesn’t feature Padalecki in any capacity.

Viewers can also spot Ackles in post-Supernatural projects, such as The Boys and Gen V as the recurring character Soldier Boy, a slew of animated DC superhero films as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and the mystery drama series Big Sky as Sheriff Beau Allen. Coincidentally, Ackles has filled much of his time after Supernatural in mystery-focused, evil-vanquishing roles that fans of Sam Winchester could find similar interest in. Though for those keen on seeing if Ackles has a knack for comedy, they can find him in the 2023 comedy Buddy Games: Spring Awakening alongside Josh Duhamel, Kevin Dillon, and Dan Bakkedahl.

What To Expect From Tracker Season 2

An Exploration Into Colter’s Past And A Lot More Mysteries

Colter Shaw clasping his hands in Tracker

Ackles’ new role in Tracker suggests that season 2 will be way more personal, heavy on drama, and an informative look into Colter’s past. It’s not clear whether Ackles’ Russell will feature in one episode or more, but it seems evident in the big mystery surrounding the death of the Shaw brothers’ father that the character will come with a lot of baggage that Tracker will need the time to unpack. As stated by Hartley, Russell is supposed to “go toe-to-toe” with Colter and challenge him, and their strained brotherly dynamic could be the broad basis for Tracker season 2.

Besides focusing on the arrival of Colter’s brother, Tracker could aim to answer any lingering questions viewers will have after the season 1 finale premieres on May 19. What is imminent is that Tracker, as a drama procedural, will have Colter continuing to pursue riveting and mysterious cases throughout season 2 as he unpacks the tragedies of his past. Tracker scored early renewal on CBS before its first season ended, so audiences can also rest assured knowing that the series’ early development may result in a fantastic season 2 – one that may even get fans’ minds off Supernatural, ​​however momentary.


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