Jodie Foster Felt the ‘Best Shift’ After Entering Her 60s! 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Actress

Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster opens up about motherhood, life in her 60s and more in these five facts about her.

I’ll Always Be a California Girl
Although she’s enjoyed traveling the world, “California is the best place to come home to,” says Jodie, 61, who was born and raised in Los Angeles. “It’s easier to relax here for me. And then there’s the nature, where it doesn’t matter if it’s winter, you can go out in your T-shirt and take a hike. It really makes for the right lifestyle.”

I’m a Francophile
Jodie attended Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a French-language high school, and speaks the language so well that she dubs her own films into French. She also took on a French-speaking role in 2004’s A Very Long Engagement and in 2011 hosted the César Awards — the French equivalent of the Oscars. Magnifique!

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I Loved Turning 60
“I felt these huge shifts the day I turned 30 and the day I turned 60. And 60 was the best shift of all because I was struggling in my 50s,” Jodie admits. “I was sort of like, ‘Am I ever going to do anything meaningful again? Is this all there is?’ Then something happened when I turned 60. I was like, ‘I figured it out. This is good.’”

I Don’t Like to Shop

“I can’t think of anything I hate more than shopping. I’ve always hated it. My wife [Alexandra Hedison] says I spend about $25 on clothes a year. Just underwear, bras and socks. That’s about it.”

Jodie Foster in a black dress at the Golden Globes
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Being a Mom Changed Me
The actress has two sons — Charles, 25, and Kit, 22 — with her former partner Cydney Bernard. “Motherhood is the most creative thing that ever happened to me,” she says. “It changed me in every possible way. It’s special, it’s great.”

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