Jodie Foster Got Real About How Ignoring Her Mother’s Warnings Shaped Her Life?

Jodie Foster revealed that she is glad she didn’t follow her mother’s advice not once, but rather, twice. Years later, she reflects on her decision to study at Yale University and all the challenges she faced later on in her acting career. As it turns out, education wasn’t the only thing she ignored, as her mother advised against something much bigger.

Jodie Foster began her acting career at a young age.

Jodie Foster, a 2-time Oscar winner, went against her mother’s advice twice in her life — first, when she was discouraged from pursuing a college education, and again when she was told not to pursue directing.

Foster began her career in the 1960s as a child actor in commercials and TV shows. By the 1970s, she had become a prominent young talent, earning critical acclaim for her performances in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and the successful children’s musical, Bugsy Malone.

She decided to follow her heart.

Despite her success in Hollywood, Foster took a hiatus from acting in 1980 to pursue an education in African-American literature at Yale University. Her mother, Evelyn Foster, was against this decision, fearing it would damage her daughter’s career. In addition to discouraging her from pursuing an education, mom also advised against her interest in directing.

When reflecting on some of the bold choices she’s made throughout her career, Jodie Foster discussed one of the biggest risks she took: “Well, there are a number of them. The first one was to go to university instead of staying in the cinema. I studied at Yale for 5 years. Everyone was telling me, ’Your career will be finished!’”

Despite the warnings, Foster pursued her education, recognizing its value beyond the film industry. “But my education was so useful for what I did later. I learned how to read deeply at university and this helped in my work as an actress.”

When talking about her career, Foster said, “It was destiny, it was fate, and I was very lucky.”

Jodie Foster ignored her mother’s advice once again when she pursued directing after winning her second Academy Award. “My mother told me that it was a very bad idea to be a director,” she remembers. Despite being at the peak of her acting career, she chose to follow her own path. Foster won Best Actress awards for her roles in The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs


In an interview, Foster shared her perspective on the challenges she’s faced in her career, revealing, “It’s a difficult path. I have this sort of faith in things, and when the waves are difficult, it gives me depth. That’s the way I view it as a writer, an actor, a director, and a producer.” Reflecting on her iconic role in Taxi Driver, Foster describes it as a transformational film and a point of pride in her career.

Jodie Foster’s story reminds us that success often requires taking risks and following our own path, even when it goes against conventional wisdom. Her journey serves as a reminder that our own intuition and perseverance can be powerful guides toward achieving our goals.

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