Jodie Foster had no love lost for her cop character Liz Danvers in the HBO show ‘True Detective’

Veteran Hollywood star Jodie Foster is the latest celebrity to enter the True Detective television series. Along with American boxer turned actor Kali Reis who plays her partner in the show, Foster takes on the role of a gritty Alaskan cop who investigates gruesome happenings in the cold and brutal winter.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs

Foster’s other famous detective turn was her Oscar-winning role as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs. The Panic Room star who plays cop Liz Danvers in True Detective, was not very appreciative of her character’s personality. Speaking of her negative traits, Foster elaborated on the reasons behind Danvers’ undesirable demeanor.

Why Jodie Foster Dislikes Her True Detective Character

The hit HBO crime drama True Detective is now in its 4th season with Hollywood star Jodie Foster headlining the show along with Kali Reis. The Academy Award winner plays a no-nonsense Alaskan cop named Liz Danvers who must endure the brutal winter conditions to lead an ominous investigation.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster in True Detective
Foster, though, was candid about how she felt about her character, and stated in no uncertain terms that she was undesirable in many ways. In an interview with People, the star referred to Danvers as an ‘ Alaskan Karen’, which is a colloquial reference to a middle-class white woman who believed she was privileged. Laying down other traits, the celebrity also detailed the reasons for why her character behaved this way.

“Liz Danvers is awful. No two ways about it. She’s an awful, awful character. But you see why. You see where that came from and you see what she’s struggling against and the turmoil that’s in her and the protectiveness and the love that she has for her partner in the film [played by Kali Reis], her other trooper character.”

With Season 4 titled Night Country already underway from Jan 14th, audiences will be eager to form their own opinions on Foster’s character in the show and compare their views with the Oscar winner’s divisive take on Liz Danvers.

Which True Detective Episode Is Jodie Foster’s Favorite?

Jodie Foster’s latest character in True Detective is facing the biting Alaskan cold to investigate gruesome crimes along with boxer-turned-actor Kali Reis for company. The hit series which is now in its 4th season, also sees Foster double up as executive producer. Despite stating that she had little love for her character’s personality, The Accused star spoke to People about the episode that made the most impact for her.

“I love Episode Six. Yeah. Episode Six is unbelievable. It’s such a film. It in itself is a film, so I’m especially proud of that one.”

Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster and Kali Reis in True Detective
While Foster kept the details of the episode under wraps for obvious reasons, she believed that the nature of a limited series allowed the narrative to develop like a short story with a genuine beginning, middle, and end.

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