Jodie Foster says ‘True Detective’ will remain an anthology in season 5 and she’s not returning

“True Detective: Night Country” ended its run as the most watched installment of the HBO anthology series yet.

Now that “True Detective” is renewed for a fifth season and “Night Country” creator Issa López is returning to oversee it, many fans are wondering if the HBO series will continue to go the anthology route or possibly feature the return of “Night Country” characters played by Jodi Foster and Kali Reis. Foster weighed in on a possible return while speaking to Variety On the Carpet presented by DIRECTV at the 2024 Oscars. Foster is a supporting actress nominee for “Nyad.”

Unfortunately for fans who loved watching Foster’s Chief Liz Danvers, it sounds like Lopez will be sticking with the anthology route for “True Detective” Season 5. Foster told Variety’s Marc Malkin that her time on the show was “one and done” and “it’s an anthology.” Asked if she’s coming back, Foster said point blank: “No.”

The show’s original creator, Nic Pizzolatto, made headlines during “Night Country’s” run for sharing viewers’ criticisms of the series and its ties to Pizzolatto’s first season of “True Detective.” But Foster was not paying attention, telling Variety she’s not on social media and “there you have it.”

Pizzolatto originally dissed “Night Country” in since-deleted Instagram comments, calling Season 4’s ties to his first season “so stupid.” He also told one fan, “I certainly did not have any input on this story or anything else. Can’t blame me.”

More controversy was generated after the “Night Country” finale aired. Pizzolatto reposted comments made by several fans who were outraged with the finale and its “lazy, nonsensical” resolutions. One fan that got reposted claimed that Lopez had “butchered” Pizzolatto’s original writing given the connections between “Night Country” and the first season of “True Detective.”

Post-finale backlash against Pizzolatto caught the eye of Kali Reis, the wrestler-turned-actor who headlined “Night Country” alongside Foster.

“That’s a damn shame,” Reis wrote on X (formerly Twitter) about Pizzolatto’s decision to amplify negative reactions to the finale. “But hey I guess ‘if you don’t have anything good to share, shit on others’ is the new wave lol.”

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