Jodie Foster stresses importance of portraying strong female characters on-screen

Jodie Foster said when she debuted in the 60s ‘it was only her and a ‘bunch of guys’.

Jodie Foster said when she debuted in the 60s ‘it was only her and a ‘bunch of guys’

Jodie Foster stressed on the significance of taking up strong-headed female characters in films.

The actress/director said when she debuted in the 60s   it was only her and a ‘bunch of guys.’

“From when I was growing up in the late ‘60s to now, obviously things have changed. The biggest thing that has changed is there were never any other woman; it was just me and a bunch of guys.

Jodie Foster On Roles For Strong Women, On Screen And Off : NPR

“Every producer, director, technician was a man. I never saw any other woman, until sometimes in the ‘80s when things started changing. Filmmaking became a lot more diverse,” shared Foster.

Apart from acting, Foster has also helmed films like Little Man Tate (1991), Money Monster (2016).

“There are a lot more female directors now, that’s the most dramatic change that has happened,” she added.

“Even in the roles where the women weren’t that strong, I made them stronger. I don’t think watching a film about somebody who doesn’t have an opinion and blends into the word work, are that interesting. So, I guess I avoided it,” she admitted.

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