Justin Bieber ‘crying out for help’? Fans express concern over new Instagram post after ‘erratic’ Coachella appearance

Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post sparks concern among fans who are worried about the singer’s fragile outlook.

On April 14, Justin Bieber surprised the Coachella crowd when he joined Tems onstage for a song. Though pleasantly delighting his fans, his recent music show appearance also sparked concerns among his friends, who were reportedly worried about him “spiralling again.”

Pictures from Justin Bieber's April 27 carousel post on Instagram.(Instagram)Pictures from Justin Bieber’s April 27 carousel post on Instagram.(Instagram)

The 30-year-old singer has had a rollercoaster-worth of a journey with “severe ups and downs,” as a source in recent media reports claimed. Grappling with Lyme disease, depression and anger management, Justin has previously acknowledged his frequent alcohol intake as well as his reliance on “pretty heavy drugs” during his rock-bottom moments. The insider also proclaimed that Coachella was indeed a “huge accomplishment” for the singer, but “he’s still very fragile.”

The ongoing sexual assault lawsuits fixated on blowing the lid off embattled hip-hop figure Diddy have also tapped Justin’s name now and then. With several videos featuring Sean Combs blasting into the present from the past and going viral upon resurfacing, a concerning vision of Justin’s early days in Hollywood has also come into focus.

Multiple re-emerging clips have focussed on “unhealthy” and “creepy” looks at Bieber’s connection with Diddy in his early days as an underage star who shot to fame. His fans have even raised fears of Justin possibly having witnessed the worst and darkest sides of Hollywood, especially with more and more cases of paedophilia and grooming coming to light. Many worry about how his “spiralling” mental health at present could be attributed to the unspoken heinous misconducts that may have happened behind the curtains.

Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post sparks concerns

Putting two and two together, Justin’s fans have been on the edge online and have frequently voiced their anxious thoughts. Adding to the hot mess, Bieber took to his Instagram account on Saturday night, April 27, to share a bunch of snaps – two of which were worrying pictures as fans took note of the singer’s eyes filling up with tears.

Sharing multiple posts on Instagram, he also showered his loved ones from the industry with much adoration. He shared an endless streak of pictures of the members of his found family, including his wife Hailey Bieber, longtime buddy Jaden Smith, Will Smith and many others.

The other posts were bubbling with energy and happiness, with clicks capturing him in his element on stage or leisurely golfing and making the most of serenity by the beach. However, fans couldn’t ignore the two pictures in which they caught his eyes welling up, linking it all with the unsaid truth and potential horrors of being exposed to showbiz at a young age. Worried fans correlated his gloomy mood in the photos to him “crying out for help.”

Justin Bieber health issues – concert hiatus

In 2022, Bieber’s health troubles took a major hit when he was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder – Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) – which was said to have been allegedly caused by COVID-19 vaccines. However, further research reportedly didn’t establish a definitive link between the disorder and the vaccines.

With the left half of his face paralysed as a result, Bieber even had to go as far as cancelling his concerts. His recent Coachella performance has once again ignited hopeful visions of potential JB tours in the future.

Cry for Help or Publicity? Justin Bieber Sheds Tears Online

On the contrary, the bigger concern about his possible exploitation in the name of stardom has consumed the internet at present even more so than ever before.

Comments like “I feel for him. He is broke. He is crying out for help,” and “Poor kid. Lord only knows what his parents allowed to happen to him just for *fame*” have become common staples on social media.

Another user commented, “But he’ll heal… I pray he does… only God truly knows the monstrosity he had to face as the first ever Child YouTube star.” A fourth X/Twitter user prayed for his well-being: “Really hope he’s ok. He’s had quite the life.”

Some fans even resorted to finding hidden meanings in his previous music releases: “It’s so sad he went through these things as a kid… I mean, you need to listen to Lonely… and you’ll get what he meant…”

Despite being out of the loop about the reality in this case, the general response was that of the rude awakening to the supposed gradually fading smile on Justin’s face: “What’s really happening to Justin? He was such a happy and lively man back then. I hope he’s okay.”

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