Justin Bieber, Hailey ‘100% headed for split’ following online drama

A body language expert made shocking revelations about Justin Bieber and Hailey’s future.

Justin Bieber, Hailey 100% headed for split following online drama

Justin Bieber, Hailey ‘100% headed for split’ following online drama

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are “on the verge” of breakup, claimed a body language expert.

It is pertinent to mention here that there are speculations about the celebrity couple’s marital woes, especially after Stephen Baldwin, the model’s father, asked fans to pray for the pair.

Now, as reported by The Mirror, body language expert Inbaal Honigman shared that Justin and Hailey are “on the verge” of a breakup and are “100% headed for split” in 2024.

Speaking of the Hollywood’s renowned couple’s Super Bowl LVIII appearance, the expert said their photos “reveal a glaring lack of compatibility, making one wonder how they are still together.”

Inbaal believes the husband and wife show “minimal acknowledgement” for each other during their outings.

She added, “Even when they walk, they display a lack of synchronisation, displaying not a single body language sign of compatibility.”

Notably, on March 2, the founder of Rhode Skin penned a sweet birthday wish for the Baby singer, debunking the rumours of their separation.

Hailey’s birthday post came after her dad urged the public to “say a prayer” for the couple of five years.


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