Justin Bieber has been spotted ‘man-spreading’ at the tennis

Justin Bieber has been spotted at the tennis with his wife Hailey – but there’s some key details in the photos that can’t be ignored.

Justin Bieber has been spotted man-spreading up a storm beside his wife, Hailey Bieber, at the tennis.

The famous pair were courtside to watch Coco Gauff play Elise Mertens in the third round of the women’s U.S. Open.

The popstar was photographed wearing pink sunglasses, a polka dot hat, a white singlet top, and a leather jacket.

He was giving a very playful bank robber vibe.

They both had their shoulders exposed. Picture: Gotham/GC Images

They both had their shoulders exposed. Picture: Gotham/GC Images

Hailey was wearing a matching leather jacket and white singlet top.

She looked like a fashion girly and he looked like someone who really valued the prime position of the back seat on a public bus.

The most confronting part about the photos is not what Bieber is wearing – although the outfit does deserve a moment of silence – but instead how much space he manages to take up.

The man is well below six foot and basically took up two seats.

Bieber is around 5’7 and to put that in perspective he is taller than The Veronicas but shorter than Hughesy.He is man spreading. Picture: MPI04/Capital Pictures / MEGA

He is man spreading. Picture: MPI04/Capital Pictures / MEGA
The singer was sitting with his knees up like how your teacher would tell you to sit on the floor in primary school.

It is not how you’d be advised to sit in a cramped chair at a major sporting event.

This meant his leg was across his wife’s seat and, in return, she configured herself to rest her chin on his spread knee.

It was how you’d sit with your dog, not your wife.

Meanwhile, the tips of his shoes were leaning on the person’s chair in front of him. Someone would have to call an usher to investigate this serious matter if he were at the movies.

It was a prime example of man-spreading.

Man-spreading is the practice where a man in a public space adopts a sitting position that encroaches on other people’s space.

He was having some fun here. Picture: Gotham/GC ImagesSadly looking less impressed here. Picture: MPI04/Capital Pictures / MEGA

Although Bieber was absolutely making himself as comfortable as possible, he also wasn’t looking too thrilled.

His expression remained sullen as Hailey was spotted sharing drinks and laughing with the people sitting next to her.

She was giving fun party gal vibes and he was giving nothing.

In his defence he did offer a few smiles that were captured on camera but for the most part he looked more like a kid being defiant in detention rather than a celebrity having a fun time at the tennis.

Bieber is known for his tattoo collection. Picture: Joseph Okpako/WireImage

The couple don’t always give the same vibe. Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

These awkward photos have come just after Bieber spotted on a lunch date with Hailey, and the couple went viral for looking incredibly mismatched.

She’s turned up looking incredible in a skin-tight red dress and he looks like he had just rolled out of bed and maybe wasn’t fully conscious yet.

It was a very strange moment.

He was wearing two head coverings and she looked like she was about to step onto a runway. Just when everyone managed to finally get over those photos now he has been spotted taking up too much space at the tennis.

What will he do next?

Hopefully buy a nice shirt.


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