Justin Bieber seen ‘leaning away’ from wife Hailey in new photo as fans suspect couple is having ’marital issues’

A NEW photo has emerged of Justin Bieber leaning away from his wife Hailey amid fan theories that their marriage is on the rocks.

The pop star’s fandom has collected various clues over the last several months that their relationship is on a downturn.

A new photo emerged of Justin and Hailey Bieber from Coachella


A new photo emerged of Justin and Hailey Bieber from CoachellaCredit: Getty

Fans noticed the couple leaning away from one another in the shot

Fans noticed the couple leaning away from one another in the shot

On Wednesday, Reddit users uncovered a group photo taken while at Coachella earlier this month featuring Justin, 30, and Hailey, 27.

In the shot, the singer sported an oversized black zip-up hoodie and baggy khaki pants.

He covered up in a green dad cap while grinning for the camera.

Meanwhile, Hailey sported jeans, a New York Yankees bomber jacket, a red baseball cap, and a cheetah print scarf tied over the top.

She flashed a soft smile, showing off her full glam makeup for the music festival.

Various friends and other celebrities surrounded the couple in the image, but fans were much more concerned about their body language.

In the picture, Justin and Hailey leaned opposite directions from one another, as the model draped her arm on a pal to the right and the songwriter tilted his head to the left.


Several took to the comments section of the thread where they noted the gap between the married pair.

“The way he’s leaning away from her,” one noticed, with 30 others upvoting the observation in agreement.

“What is going on with her hands on the shoulder?” a second wondered”.

“She looks like the woman with the broken neck,” a third joked, narrowing in on Hailey’s strain toward the right.

Justin’s marriage to the socialite has been under major scrutiny since October 2023.

On April 14, the Baby singer performed with Tems, 28, during her set at Coachella.

While on stage, he donned the same extremely casual outfit seen in the group photo with Hailey.

Justin’s performance was one of his first appearances since canceling his Justice tour in 2022.

Fans noticed that the Canadian native seemed fragile and checked out during his portion of the song.

A source told People, “He finally got his health back, but now friends are worried that he’s spiraling again.”

Back in February 2020, Justin confessed that he reached such a low point in his substance abuse that he thought he was dying.

The pop star was completely dependent on cannabis and began using mushrooms, codeine-based drugs, and MDMA.

The Stay singer said he realized just how dangerous his addiction was, sparking his journey to sobriety.

But according to the insider, Justin has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the process.

The child star has also battled Lyme disease and mental health issues in addition to his drug problems.

Although Hailey has remained faithfully beside her husband throughout his struggles, it seems to have taken a toll on their marriage.

The source claimed that the model “can’t leave” Justin, “because she’s afraid of what would happen” to him if she did, despite their relationship not being in the best spot.

Stephen Baldwin’s daughter has made their marriage and his health her main priority and refuses to give up.

“Coachella was a huge accomplishment for Justin, and everyone is rooting for him. But he’s still very fragile,” the informant shared.

Hailey and Justin's marriage has been under scrutiny

Hailey and Justin’s marriage has been under scrutinyCredit: Getty

The singer struggled with 'addiction issues'

The singer struggled with ‘addiction issues’Credit: Getty

Hailey has remained by his side

Hailey has remained by his sideCredit: Instagram/haileybieber

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