Justin Bieber snubs Hailey’s tribute to him and follows stunning singer on Instagram

JUSTIN Bieber has majorly snubbed his wife, Hailey, while following a stunning singer on social media.

Fans have slammed the pop star for not acknowledging his spouse on Instagram recently, despite showing interest in others.

Fans discovered that Justin Bieber is following Sabrina Carpenter on Instagram

Fans discovered that Justin Bieber is following Sabrina Carpenter on InstagramCredit: Getty

Sabrina has been on tour with Taylor Swift

Sabrina has been on tour with Taylor SwiftCredit: Getty

Shortly after, his wife, Hailey, posted a sad-looking selfie

Shortly after, his wife, Hailey, posted a sad-looking selfieCredit: Instagram/ Hailey Bieber
Justin, 30, followed vocalist Sabrina Carpenter on the platform Monday, leading fans to share concerns regarding his marriage to Hailey, 27.

One snapped a screenshot of the evidence, then posting on an online thread where they opened up the topic for discussion.

“Justin, back to Instagram and started following Sabrina Carpenter and still doesn’t like any of Hailey’s posts. Actions speak louder than words. He literally likes and comments on everyone’s posts except her,” they wrote.

“Even the birthday post she posted for him he ignored it. She is married to his last name, his money, and the ring, not to Justin. He is not with her and doesn’t see her,” the user added.

“… He really does not f**k with her (Hailey) lol,” a second claimed.

“I’m not a huge fan of any of these people but even I was kinda surprised when he married Hailey,” a third admitted.

“He married her to make Selena jealous,” a fourth remarked, noting Justin’s former relationship with Selena Gomez, 31.

“He messed up royally when he didn’t get that pre-nup,” another slammed.

“That’s what it definitely seems like because there’s very little spotting of Justin Bieber in LA,” another added.

“Okay so this man is living in La Quinta but keeping it on the down low,” a third speculated.

Shortly after fans noticed that the Canadian star was following Sabrina, Hailey posted a sultry selfie on social media.

The model shared the snap on her Instagram Stories, showing her face with a pouty expression and a filter with fake blue eyes.

The socialite looked downtrodden in the photo, which she left captionless.

Hailey posted Justin on her Instagram profile on March 2 when she shared a 30th birthday tribute to her husband.

Fans noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring in several of the snaps.

They also noticed that the pop star did not reply to his wife’s public birthday message.

Before that, the Baby hitmaker hadn’t appeared on her Instagram since December 1.

Hailey’s account mainly consists of posts about her brand Rhode Beauty and photos of her outfits.

Earlier this week, fans shared theories that Justin is hiding out in La Quinta, California amid rumors he has split from his wife.

The performer has been spotted at several venues around the city in Riverside County, California, in the last few months.

On a Reddit thread, fans speculated that he has quietly moved to La Quinta amid apparent marriage issues while his wife Hailey remains living in Los Angeles.

The pair were spotted at Nobu restaurant in nearby Indian Wells on January 24.

A fan shared several photos with the couple on Instagram and TikTok at the time.

Then, on February 14, Justin was seen at The Nest nightclub and restaurant in Indian Wells.

He smiled while posing for a photo with an employee at the nightspot.

“The kindest soul, so glad Justin Bieber and his team got to try The Nest! We love you Justin, come back any time,” the club wrote on Facebook.

The singer was also spotted on March 13 by a fan who is based in Coachella.

“I just saw Justin Bieber,” she wrote with a crying face emoji.

There were also screenshots of fan comments claiming they had seen Justin out and about in La Quinta, including at Madison Club.

These sightings and screenshots were shared on Reddit, with a fan writing, “Maybe he is staying at a separate house from Hailey [in La Quinta] and doesn’t want to appear.”

“Seems like he’s in La Quinta a lot,” one agreed.

Hailey and Justin have sparked split rumors recentlyHailey and Justin have sparked split rumors recentlyCredit: Instagram/Hailey Bieber

Fans believe the singer secretly moved to La Quinta without his wife

Fans believe the singer secretly moved to La Quinta without his wifeCredit: Getty

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