Justin Bieber’s grandfather criticizes the pop singer for not helping out financially

Justin Bieber may be having a rough go of it recently, but it’s nowhere near as bad as his grandfather’s situation.

In a new interview with the U.K. Sun, George Bieber has revealed he is poverty stricken because of a back condition that leaves him unable to work (or even walk upstairs). The Mitchell, Ont., resident reportedly has a hole in his roof and his wife works at a factory to support them.

“Justin might be worth $110 million but we certainly have never seen a penny of it,” the 61-year-old told the Sun (via Entertainmentwise). “It’s hard to imagine the money Justin has, as it’s about as far removed from our life as you could get.

Though George admits the 19-year-old “Boyfriend” singer once gave him a TV, George said he hasn’t seen the pop star since Christmas and that his grandson’s recent actions make him seem “too big for his britches.”

Bieber isn’t the first celebrity to have a family member complain he isn’t helping them out. Heres a run down of the other famous folk who have been called out by their relations:

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