Justin Bieber’s Mom REVEALS Diddy & Usher TRAUMATIZED Justin

Justin Bieber’s mom is finally opening up about her son’s alleged grooming by industry giants Usher and Diddy.

Patty Mallette is telling the sad story of everything Justin went through as a child in the entertainment world.

This highlights the dark side of the industry that goes beyond what we see on stage.

In a candid disclosure, Patty Mallette, mother of pop sensation Justin Bieber, has unveiled her son’s turbulent journey within the entertainment realm, unveiling his purported grooming by industry giants such as Usher and Diddy.

Mallette recounts the distressing ordeals her son faced as a burgeoning child star, including whispers of Diddy’s exploitation of Justin. Recently, songstress Jaguar Wright called out Usher for allegedly steering Justin into Diddy’s clutches, implying that Usher himself fell victim to such manipulation.

Acknowledging the industry’s darker facets, Mallette sympathizes with Usher’s predicament but condemns the decision to align with those who exploit young talent. She hints at Justin’s battles with mental health and PTSD, attributing them to the trauma inflicted during his formative years in the industry.

Reports suggest Diddy wielded control over both Justin and Usher, compelling them to attend clandestine gatherings reminiscent of those experienced by singer Cassie. Mallette believes this coercion contributed to Justin’s downward spiral, marked by substance abuse and an abrupt career hiatus.

The circumstances surrounding Justin’s ascent to stardom raise poignant questions about parental oversight and industry influence. Mallette, a teenage mother confronting her own adversities, entrusted Justin’s career to managers like Scooter Braun and mentors like Usher, aspiring to secure better prospects for him.

However, Mallette’s relinquishment of control over Justin’s trajectory led to disquieting situations, including a disconcerting 48-hour rendezvous between Justin and Diddy. Speculation mounts regarding Diddy’s intentions and his alleged introduction of Justin to narcotics, exacerbating Justin’s struggles with addiction and mental well-being.

Usher Defends Justin Bieber, Saying It's All Part of Growing Up
As Mallette grapples with her son’s past and the choices that shaped his trajectory, fans and critics alike scrutinize her dual role as both a parent and a manager. While some denounce her for permitting Justin to be exploited, others empathize with her plight as a young, single mother navigating the treacherous waters of show business.

The revelations about Justin’s traumatic journey shed light on the industry’s murkier aspects and the toll it exacts on youthful luminaries. Mallette’s narrative serves as a cautionary testament, underscoring the imperative of enhanced protection and support for vulnerable artists navigating the entertainment landscape.


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